POWER OF Sample Clauses

POWER OF attorney The power of attorney (notarially attested and legalised, if necessary, for registration purposes) of each of the Security Parties under which any documents are to be executed or transactions undertaken by that Security Party.
POWER OF. SALE Sections 93 and 103 of the Law of Property Act 1925 shall not apply in relation to any Security created undxx xxxx Deed or any relevant Loan Note Supplement, nor in relation to a Receiver appointed under Clause 8. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Deed, the Loan Notes of any Series shall be deemed for the purposes of Section 101 of the Law of Property Act 1925 to have become due within the meaning of that Section axx xxx xower of sale and other powers conferred on mortgagees by the Law of Property Act 1925 as varied or extended by this Deed and any relevant Loax Xxxx Xupplement including the power to appoint a Receiver shall arise immediately on execution of the relevant Loan Note Supplement.
POWER OF. ATTORNEY By signing this Agreement, each Member designates and appoints the Managers as its or his true and lawful attorney, in his name, place and stead, to make, execute, sxxx xnd file such instruments, documents or certificates which may from time to time be required by the laws of the United States of America and the State of California and any political subdivision thereof or any other state or political subdivision in which the LLC shall do business to carry out the purposes of this Agreement, except where such action requires the express approval of the Members hereunder. Such attorney is not hereby granted any authority on behalf of the undersigned Members to amend this Agreement except that as attorney for each of the undersigned Members, the Managers shall have the authority to amend this Agreement and the LLC's Articles of Organization as may be required to give effect to the transactions below following any necessary approvals or consents of the Members:
POWER OF. ATTORNEY Borrower hereby appoints Lender (and any of Lender's officers, employees, or agents designated by Lender) as Borrower's attorney, with power whether before or after the occurrence of an Event of Default: (a) to endorse Borrower's name on any checks, notes, acceptances, money orders, drafts or other forms of payment or security that may come into Lender's possession; (b) to sign Borrower's name on drafts against Account Debtors, on schedules and assignments of Accounts, on verifications of Accounts, and on notices to Account Debtors; (c) to notify the post office authorities to change the address for delivery of Borrower's mail to an address designated by Lender, to receive and open all mail addressed to Borrower and to retain all mail relating to the Collateral and forward all other mail to Borrower; (d) to send requests for verification of Accounts; (e) to execute UCC Financing Statements; and (f) to do all things necessary to carry out this Agreement. The appointment of Lender as Borrower's attorney and each and every one of Lender's rights and powers, being coupled with an interest, are irrevocable as long as any Obligations are outstanding. Lender agrees not to exercise the power granted in clause 11.2(b) prior to the occurrence of an Event of Default and agrees not to exercise the power granted in clause 11.2(d) prior to notification of Borrower of its intent to do so, but such limitations do not limit the effectiveness of such power of attorney at any time. Any person dealing with Lender shall be entitled to rely conclusively on any written or oral statement of Lender that this power of attorney is in effect. Lender may also use Borrower's stationery in connection with exercising its rights and remedies and performing the Obligations of Borrower.
POWER OF. ATTORNEY Buyer hereby appoints Seller and Seller's designees as Buyer's attorney-in-fact, with power WHEN AN UNCURED DEFAULT EXISTS: (a) to endorse Buyer's name on any checks, notes, acceptances, money orders, or other forms of payment or security that come into Seller's possession with regard to the Collateral; (b) to notify the post office authorities, when an Uncured Default exists and only with regard to the Collateral, to change the address for delivery of Buyer's mail to an address designated by Seller and to receive, open and dispose of all mail addressed to Buyer; and (c) to do all things necessary to carry out this Agreement; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, THAT SUCH POWER OF ATTORNEY SHALL ONLY BE EFFECTIVE UPON THE EXISTENCE OF AN UNCURED DEFAULT. Subject to that restriction only, Buyer ratifies and approves all acts of such attorney. Neither Seller, his attorneys, nor their agents will be liable for EXHIBIT 10.11.J; PAGE 4 any acts or omissions or for any error of judgment or mistake of fact or law. This power, being coupled with an interest, is irrevocable until this Note has been fully satisfied and terminated.
POWER OF. *All licensed programs require a physician’s Pre-admission Health Screening with current immunization records updated as needed for the age of the child. Licensed programs must meet health and safety requirements in the physical environment of the facility and caregiver practices. IDEA Part B, section 619 – requires developmental evaluation in five areas, health screening and vision and hearing screening and/or evaluation at initial and triennial evaluations. IDEA Part C, requires medical record review, health status assessment, vision/hearing screening at initial evaluation. Center-based programs must meet health and safety requirements under state licensing. Children enrolled in Power of Preschool programs are screened using the ASQ or ASQ-SE. Referrals are made and followed-up. Children are also screened on vision, hearing and dental. Table (A)(1)-9: Elements of a high-quality family engagement strategy currently required within the State Please describe the types of high-quality family engagement strategies required in the State. Types of strategies may, for example, include parent access to the program, ongoing two-way communication with families, parent education in child development, outreach to fathers and other family members, training and support for families as children move to preschool and kindergarten, social networks of support, intergenerational activities, linkages with community supports and family literacy programs, parent involvement in decision making, and parent leadership development. Types of Programs or Systems Describe Family Engagement Strategies Required Today State-funded State-funded preschools are required by Title 5 to include a component for preschool involvement of parents in developing, implementing and evaluating Specify: programs, to provide families with information (commonly in a parent handbook) on program rules, notification and appeal requirements, obtain a Desired Results Parent Survey, and monitor parent involvement and satisfaction. An annual summary of the Parent Survey findings is used to determine areas for program improvement. Early Head Start and The parent and family engagement framework includes opportunities for Head Start family support, parent involvement and parent leadership. Family Engagement in Head Start focuses on six areas including family well-being, positive parent-child relationships, parents as first and lifelong educators, parent connections to peers and community, parent leadership and adv...
POWER OF. ATTORNEY No power of attorney that is currently in force has been granted by the Company with respect to any matters relating to taxes.
POWER OF. ATTORNEY In order to give effect to each Transfer Certificate the Finance Parties and the Borrower each hereby irrevocably and unconditionally appoint the Agent as its true and lawful attorney with full power to execute on their respective behalves each Transfer Certificate delivered to the Agent pursuant to Clause 14.4 without the Agent being under any obligation to take any further instructions from or give any prior notice to, any of the Finance Parties or, subject to the Borrower's rights under Clause 14.1, the Borrower before doing so and the Agent shall so execute each such Transfer Certificate on behalf of the other Finance Parties and the Borrower immediately on its receipt of the same pursuant to Clause 14.4.
POWER OF in respect of
POWER OF. SALE Under this power of sale, Beneficiary has the discretionary right to cause some or all of the Property, including any Property which constitutes personal property, to be sold or otherwise disposed of in any combination and in any manner permitted by applicable law.