OF OPERATIONS Sample Clauses

OF OPERATIONS. The Union agrees that during the life of this Agreement there shall be no strike, and to this end the Union will take affirmative action to prevent any nurse covered by this Agreement from striking. The Employer agrees that for the duration of this Agreement, there shall be no lockout.
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OF OPERATIONS. D.A.K. Security Agency, Inc. 0000-X XX 00xx Xxxxxxx Signature of Employed
OF OPERATIONS. ATSI and Acquiror acknowledge that they have heretofore executed a confidentiality agreement, dated April 25, 1997 (the "Confidentiality Agreement"), which separately and as incorporated herein shall remain in full force and effect after and notwithstanding the execution and delivery or termination of this Agreement, and that information obtained from each Party by any of the other Parties or their Representatives, pursuant to this Agreement, the Confidentiality Agreement or otherwise, shall be subject to the provisions of the Confidentiality Agreement. The Company and UAC agree to be bound by the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement.
OF OPERATIONS. The Borrower materially ceases operations or Borrower admits it is otherwise generally unable to pay its debts as such debts become due, provided, however, that any disclosure of the Borrower’s ability to continue as a “going concern” shall not be an admission that the Borrower cannot pay its debts as they become due.
OF OPERATIONS. The Narragansett Electric Company ----------------------------------------- (Participant) /s/ By:__________________________________ Name: Cxxxxxxxxxx X. Xxxx Title: Sr. V.P. of Operations Unitil Resources, Inc. ----------------------------------------- (Participant) /s/ By:__________________________________ Name: Jxxxx X. Xxxx Title: President VERMONT ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY, INC. ----------------------------------------- (Participant) /s/ By:__________________________________ Name: RXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX Title: PRESIDENT AND CEO Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company ----------------------------------------- (Participant) /s/ By:__________________________________ Name: Dxxxx X. Xxxxx Title: Senior Vice President New England Power Company ----------------------------------------- (Participant) /s/ By:__________________________________ Name: Mxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx Title: Vice President Central Maine Power Company ----------------------------------------- (Participant) /s/ By:__________________________________ Name: Fxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: Vice President-Maine Power Acting as Agent for Central Maine Power Co. COMMONWEALTH ENERGY SYSTEM COMPANIES -------------------------------------------- Cambridge Electric Light Company Canal Electric Company Commonwealth Electric Company ------------------------------------------- (Participants) /s/ By:_____________________________________ Name: Jxxxx X. Xxxxx Title: Vice President - Energy Supply & Engineering Services EASTERN UTILITIES ASSOCIATES COMPANIES -------------------------------------------- Blackstone Valley Electric Company Eastern Edison Company Montaup Electric Company Newport Electric Company ------------------------------------------- (Participants) /s/ By:_____________________________________ Name: Kxxxx X. Xxxxx Title: Vice President NORTHEAST UTILITIES SYSTEM COMPANIES -------------------------------------------- The Connecticut Light and Power Company Holyoke Power and Electric Company Holyoke Water Power Company Public Service Company of New Hampshire Western Massachusetts Electric Company ------------------------------------------- (Participants) /s/ By:_____________________________________ Name: Title: Sithe New England Holdings LLC -------------------------------------------- (Participant) /s/ By:_____________________________________ Name: Txxxxxx X. Xxxx Title: Vice President SOUTHERN COMPANY ENERGY MARKETING L.P. -------------------------------------------- (Participant) /s/ By:___________________...
OF OPERATIONS. The company agrees that if its existing operation covered by this agreement moved or otherwise transferred to a location outside the geographic area of the bargaining unit, this agreement shall remain in full force and effect The company agrees that any change in the licensing authority shall not affect the operation or duration of this agreement including any granting of a different type of licensing by authority ARTICLE A
OF OPERATIONS. There shall be no strikes, walkouts, lockouts, or other similar inter- ruptions of work during the term of this Agreement.
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OF OPERATIONS. During the life of this Agreement there shall be no strikes of any or any boycott, picketing, work stop- page, slowdown, or any other type of organized inter- xxxxxxx, coercive or otherwise, with the Company’s business. During the life of this Agreement the Company shall not lock out the employees because of a labour dispute with the Union.


  • Statement of Operations d. Statement of Changes in Net Assets.

  • Continuity of Operations (1) Engage in any business activities substantially different than those in which Borrower is presently engaged, (2) cease operations, liquidate, merge, transfer, acquire or consolidate with any other entity, change its name, dissolve or transfer or sell Collateral out of the ordinary course of business, or (3) pay any dividends on Borrower's stock (other than dividends payable in its stock), provided, however that notwithstanding the foregoing, but only so long as no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing or would result from the payment of dividends, if Borrower is a "Subchapter S Corporation" (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended), Borrower may pay cash dividends on its stock to its shareholders from time to time in amounts necessary to enable the shareholders to pay income taxes and make estimated income tax payments to satisfy their liabilities under federal and state law which arise solely from their status as Shareholders of a Subchapter S Corporation because of their ownership of shares of Borrower's stock, or purchase or retire any of Borrower's outstanding shares or alter or amend Borrower's capital structure.

  • Hours of Operation Tenant will carry on its business diligently and continuously in the Premises and will keep the Premises open for business not less than sixteen (16) consecutive hours each day seven (7) days per week, including holidays. Director or his/her representative may, from time to time, change such required hours of operation, in which event, Tenant will remain open during such revised hours. Similarly, Tenant may, from time to time, request to revise its hours of operation. Such change must be approved by Director or his/her representative, in writing, prior to its occurrence. Tenant may not, at any time, vacate or abandon the Premises.

  • Cessation of Operations Any cessation of operations by Borrower or Borrower admits it is otherwise generally unable to pay its debts as such debts become due, provided, however, that any disclosure of the Borrower’s ability to continue as a “going concern” shall not be an admission that the Borrower cannot pay its debts as they become due.

  • Control of Operations Without in any way limiting any party’s rights or obligations under this Agreement, the parties understand and agree that (a) nothing contained in this Agreement shall give Parent or the Company, directly or indirectly, the right to control or direct the other party’s operations prior to the Effective Time and (b) prior to the Effective Time, each of the Company and Parent shall exercise, consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, complete control and supervision over its operations.

  • Conduct of Operations The Board of Directors and the General Partner shall use commercially reasonable efforts to conduct the business of the Partnership and its Affiliates in a manner that does not require a holder of Common Units to file a tax return in any jurisdiction with which the holder has no contact other than through ownership of Common Units.

  • Maintenance of Operations The Company shall maintain operations at the Project for a minimum of ten (10) years beginning on the date the Project is Placed in Service. In addition to any other rights the Department may have under the terms of this Agreement, in the event that the Company discontinues of operations at the Project, such discontinuation may subject the Company to certain statutory provisions, including:

  • Operations As of the date hereof, the Company has not conducted, and prior to the IPO Closing the Company will not conduct, any operations other than organizational activities and activities in connection with offerings of its securities.

  • Business Operations Company will provide all necessary equipment, personnel and other appurtenances necessary to conduct its operations. Company will conduct its business operations hereunder in a lawful, orderly and proper manner, considering the nature of such operations, so as not to unreasonably annoy, disturb, endanger or be offensive to others on the Airport. Company will provide all services under this Agreement on a fair and reasonable basis to all users of the Airport. Service will be prompt, courteous and efficient.

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