Mutual Interest Sample Clauses

Mutual Interest. Notwithstanding the fact that any part of this Agreement has been drafted or prepared by or on behalf of one of the Parties, the Parties confirm that they and their respective counsel have reviewed and negotiated this Agreement and that the Parties have adopted this Agreement as the joint agreement and understanding of the Parties, and the language used in this Agreement will be deemed to be the language chosen by the Parties to express their mutual intent, and the Parties waive the application of any Laws or rule or construction providing that ambiguities in any agreement or other document will be construed against the Party drafting such agreement or other document and agree that no rule of construction providing that a provision is to be interpreted in favour of the person who contracted the obligation and against the person who stipulated it will be applied against any Party.
Mutual Interest. The mutual interest of the Employer and its employees is hereby recognized and all Parties to this Collective Agreement are pledged to assist in the operation of the Departments of the Employer mentioned in Clause 2.1 of this Collective Agreement, and pledge themselves to refrain from taking part in sympathy strikes.
Mutual Interest. The City and the Union recognize the benefit of exploration and study of current and potential problems and differences via meetings of representatives to exchange views and information without the stresses and time limitations which may exist during full scale negotiations. Accordingly, the City (including representatives of the administrative ranks of the Division of Fire) and the Union agree to meet from time to time upon the request of either party for the purpose of discussion, exploration and study of such matters as are of vital concern to both parties. Meetings of this nature at the Division of Fire level are especially encouraged by the parties involved.
Mutual Interest. Notwithstanding the fact that any part of this Agreement has been drafted or prepared by or on behalf of one of the Parties, all Parties confirm that:
Mutual Interest. It is recognized by both parties that they have a mutual interest and obligation to maintain friendly cooperation between the Board and the Association, which will permit the safe, economical and efficient operation and productive assignments and execution of duties of all employees.
Mutual Interest. The mutual interest of the Employer and its employees is hereby recognized and all Parties to this Collective Agreement are pledged to assist in the operation of the departments of the Employer. In accordance with the Labour Relations Act, Chapter L10, Part V, Section 89(2), the Association and its members, individually and collectively, pledge themselves not to take part in sympathetic strikes and the Employer pledges not to declare or cause a lockout of the employees during the term of this Collective Agreement.
Mutual Interest. 4.01 The Management and the operation of and the direction and promotion of working forces is vested exclusively in the management, provided, however, that this will not be used for purposes of discrimination against employees. The employer shall have the right to select its employees and to discipline or discharge them for proper cause.
Mutual Interest. The parties agree that it has been and will continue to be in their mutual interest and purposes to promote systematic and effective employee management cooperation; to confer and negotiate in good faith with respect to grievance procedures and collective negotiations on personnel matters including wages, hours and working conditions, to promote effective methods for the prompt adjustment of differences.
Mutual Interest. No Strikes, No Lock-Outs 5-6 4 .......................No Discrimination or Interference 4 17 .......................Other Benefits 36-43 20 .......................Pay for Acting Rank 45 10 .......................Probation and Promotion 8-15 1 .......................Purpose 3 2 .......................Definition and Recognition 3 22 .......................Residency 47 18 .......................Salaries 43-44 12 .......................Seniority, Layoff and Recall 16-18 19 .......................Service Recognition 45 16 .......................Sick Leave and Modified Work 27-35 24 .......................Successor Rights 48 25 .......................Term of Agreement 49 THIS AGREEMENT made the 1st Day of January, 2018 Between: THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF OAKVILLE Hereinafter called the Employer of the First Part - and - THE OAKVILLE PROFESSIONAL FIRE FIGHTERS ASSOCIATION Hereinafter called the Association of the Second Part WITNESS that in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements hereinafter contained, the parties hereto have agreed as follows:
Mutual Interest. Participants and Burlington hereby constitute and designate an Area of Mutual Interest consisting of all the lands covered by the Gamma Ray Unit Agreement. Such AMI shall be for a term of five (5) years. Burlington is hereby designated as Operator of the AMI. Burlington agrees to bear 50% and Participants agree to bear 50% of all costs in connection with any lease acquisition program conducted by or on behalf of Burlington and/or Participants within the AMI, including, but not limited to, lease brokerage and acquisition costs and all related expenses, such as attorneys' fees for title examination and title curative matters relating to said lease acquisition. In the event Burlington should acquire any AMI Acreage covering land within the AMI, Burlington shall promptly notify Participants in writing of the acquisition of such AMI Acreage. The notice shall set forth (a) the description of the Lease or Interest acquired, and (b) the pertinent terms of such acquisition, including copies of leases, assignments, title data and any other agreement relating to the acquisition of the interests and the rights and obligations associated therewith. Participants shall have the option to acquire 50% of the AMI Acreage acquired by Burlington in any such Lease or Interest, proportionately reduced to the Lease or Interest acquired, by paying their 50% share of the bonus costs associated with the acquisition of the AMI Acreage acquired. Participants shall have a period of thirty (30) days from receipt of such notice to exercise such option by giving Burlington notice in writing. Failure by Participants to respond within the above-specified 30-day period shall be deemed an election by Participants not to acquire their proportionate part of the AMI Acreage described in the said notice. Should Participants elect to acquire its interest, such AMI Acreage shall be assigned free of any Subsequently Created Burdens or any reservations or exceptions in excess of the Lease Burdens provided for in the Lease or burdening such Interest on the date such were acquired by Burlington. Assignments of working interest and operating rights in federal and state leases will be made on the appropriate government forms while assignments of fee leases will be made on the form attached hereto as Exhibit "C". It is agreed that if Participants elect to acquire an interest in any AMI Acreage so acquired by Burlington under this paragraph, said AMI Acreage will be owned 50% by Burlington and 50% by Part...