Food services definition

Food services means the preparation and serving of nutritionally balanced meals and snacks.
Food services means the services of a contractor involving the regular provision of food at a City owned facility under a contract with the city. Only contracts of greater than twenty- five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) may be consideredfood service”.

Examples of Food services in a sentence

  • Food Services does not expect the adoption of this standard to have a material impact on the consolidated financial statements.

  • CSEA will have two at large voting representatives on this committee and the right to also appoint two voting representatives from any of the following work groups: Food Services, Facilities & Operations, Cosmetology, Laboratory Technician from sciences.

  • Pierangeli stated that with the new Food Services Director it is expected to have increased participation.

  • The envelope to bear the following information: District: South Brunswick Board of EducationBid Number: 23-21 Project: Food Services Convection OvensBid Date:Tuesday, July 20, 2021 Bid Time:Bidder: 11:00 A.M. Name of Company AddressCity, State ZipEnvelope Label Information: Failure to properly label the bid envelope may be cause for the rejection of the bid.The Board of Education does not accept electronic (e-mail) submission of bids.

  • This classification also includes the Food Services Supervisor who works an extended school-year calendar.

More Definitions of Food services

Food services means the provision of breakfast or other meals;
Food services shall refer to the Contractor’s operation, service and sale of Catering Services, Concession Services and Novelty Services at the Facility.
Food services means the storage, preparation, and serving of food intended for consumption in a nursing care institution.(Article 1)
Food services means A&W Food Services of Canada Inc., a corporation amalgamated under the laws of Canada.
Food services means all management of activities and personnel, procurement of food and supplies and the production and delivery of meals, pursuant to the conditions of this RFP.
Food services shall include the sale or provision of dining services or vending services at stadiums, ballparks, convention centers, concert halls, theaters, seaports, golf courses, arenas, race tacks, parks, bandstands or other recreational venue customers.