Make recommendations Sample Clauses

Make recommendations. 4. Unless it decides otherwise, the Commission shall carry forward two or more before proceedings according to this article regarding the same measure or matter. the Commission may consolidate two or more proceedings regarding other matters before under this article, when it deems appropriate to be considered jointly.

Related to Make recommendations

  • Board Recommendation The Seller’s Board, at a meeting duly called and held, has by unanimous vote of the directors present (i) adopted this Agreement and approved the transactions contemplated hereby, including the Merger and the transactions contemplated hereby and thereby, and has determined that, taken together, they are fair to and in the best interests of the Seller’s shareholders, and (ii) resolved, subject to the terms of this Agreement, to recommend that the holders of the shares of Seller Common Stock approve this Agreement, the Merger, and the related transactions and to call and hold a meeting of Seller’s shareholders at which this Agreement, the Merger, and the related transactions shall be submitted to the holders of the shares of Seller Common Stock for approval.

  • Change of Recommendation In response to the receipt of a Superior Offer, the Board of Directors of the Company may withhold, withdraw, amend or modify its recommendation in favor of the Merger, and, in the case of a Superior Offer that is a tender or exchange offer made directly to the stockholders of the Company, may recommend that the stockholders of the Company accept the tender or exchange offer (any of the foregoing actions, whether by the Board of Directors of the Company or a committee thereof, a “Change of Recommendation”), if all of the following conditions in clauses (i) through (v) are met:

  • No Government Recommendation or Approval The Subscriber understands that no federal or state agency has passed upon or made any recommendation or endorsement of the offering of the Shares.

  • Recommendation When the contract requires or provides for a recommendation on a personnel action, the recommendation must include written reasons and must be signed and dated by the person or persons who make said recommendation.

  • Recommendations The IRO’s report shall include any recommendations for improvements to Progenity’s billing and coding system or to Progenity’s controls for ensuring that all items and services billed to Medicare or a state Medicaid program are medically necessary and appropriately documented, based on the findings of the Claims Review.