Straight Time definition

Straight Time means the non-overtime hours actually worked by Employees under this Contract and shall include the time an employee spends at roll call, whether or not paid; however, meal periods and relief time shall be excluded, whether or not paid.
Straight Time means the hourly rate of remuneration.
Straight Time means the hours of 0800-1200 and 1230-1630 on Monday to Friday, not including any full day designated as a statutory holiday or such other holidays as applicable under Collective Agreement.

Examples of Straight Time in a sentence

  • All charges quoted herein are in Canadian dollars and based on performing the work during Straight Time operating periods.

  • In addition to these rates, when any services are performed during periods involving the payment of overtime or premium wages to the labour force, the difference between Straight Time and premium wages paid to labour and supervision, will be assessed against the party or parties authorizing the service to be carried out during overtime in accordance with the Man Hour Rates set forth in the rate schedule of this Tariff.

  • Pursuant to Labor Code Sections 1773.1 and 1773.8, the amount paid for the employer payment may vary resulting in a lower taxable Basic Hourly Rate, but the Total Hourly Rates for Straight Time and Overtime may not be less than the general prevailing rate of per diem wages.

  • Where a Container Crane is used for any period of time for which the operators are entitled to Overtime pay, the difference between the Straight Time costs and the Overtime costs for that period shall be charged to the User.

  • Overtime and Premium TimeAll rates named in this Tariff for services involving labour are based upon Straight Time wages.

More Definitions of Straight Time

Straight Time means the hourly pay.
Straight Time. The rate of pay a Flight Attendant receives based on the compensation table in Section 21.A. [Step Rates of Pay].
Straight Time means cash paid by Delphi for the base wage, pursuant to the applicable collective bargaining agreement, to hourly employees for the time period included in the calculating Labor Cost Amount.
Straight Time means the rate of the job at which the employee would have worked on the employee's scheduled working days. "Leave of Absence without loss of pay for one day shall be granted to an employee to attend the funeral of the employee's brother-in-law or sister-in-law, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law."
Straight Time means non-overtime hours for which the employee is compensated. Straight time shall include paid leave as well as work hours of 40 hours or less in a workweek.
Straight Time means Tug Services provided on Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1500 local time. All Rates contained in this Schedule are calculated based on Straight Time. Tug Services performed outside Straight Time hours are subject to Overtime charges.
Straight Time means the first eight (8) hours charged per person each day, Monday through Friday (except local holidays observed by the Designated Repair Station), provided that a minimum of eight (8) hours break has occurred since the last time charged.