Academy Sample Clauses

Academy. 1.10 Where any legislation, legal requirement or published guidance is referred to, unless otherwise stated, the following terms should be interpreted as follows:
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Academy. The Paks II. Academy program will be open to participants from September in specialized training for nuclear power plant operation engineer based on undergraduate training. The University of Pannonia is also among the prospective training institutions, and a grant agreement was signed on Wednesday at the Xxxxxx'x Great Boardroom. There is a great demand for well-trained professionals everywhere, such is the case in the nuclear industry as well. For Paks II. Ltd. the highly qualified workforce is very important, that is why the project company started Paks II. Academy which offers a high-quality training program for university students. Paks II. Ltd. compiled the curriculum in cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, University of Pécs, University of Debrecen, University of Pannonia, University of Miskolc and University of Dunaújváros. These six universities start the nuclear power plant operation engineer course with the financial support of Paks II. Ltd., within the framework of Paks II. Academy. Therefore the course is free of charge for the students. From the six universities cooperating – following the University of Pécs and University of Dunaújváros – the University of Pannonia signed the grant agreement today enabling the start of the course, by CEO Xxxxxx Xxxxxx and communications director Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, representing Paks II. Ltd. and xxxxxx Xx. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx and chancellor Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxxx of the University of Pannonia. During the two semesters of the course the students can learn practical knowledge of this energy industry segment: details of the nuclear power plant technology, process of the operation, basis of nuclear safety and safe operation of a nuclear power plant. You can apply for this course starting in Autumn 2019 according to the admission process of the selected university, details of which can be found on the website of the insitution chosen. The professionals studying nuclear power plant operation engineer course can build their future in such such an industry which will have an important role in the domestic and international energy sector in the coming decades. Veszprém, 22 May 2019 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx
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Academy. For the purpose of this clause, any reference to the governing body of a maintained school in such statutory and regulatory provisions, or in any guidance and code of practice issued pursuant to such provisions, shall be deemed to be references to the Governing Body of the Academy Trust. Teachers and other staff
Academy. A School-Parent Compact for achievement is an agreement that explains how parents, students, teachers, and principals will work together to make sure all students get the individual support they need to reach and exceed grade level standards. This document is part of our Parent Involvement Plan and was jointly developed with Summerwind staff and parents. School-wide meetings are held each year to review the compact. Together we will build a partnership for students to achieve high standards. Summerwind STEM Academy will provide opportunities for families to be involved in student and parent learning through activities such as: Our Mission: 2023 - 2024 • Parent Information Night - September • STEM Night: Math focus - November • Read Month - March • STEM Night: Engineer focus – May • Kinder Camp – May These activities will be advertised in classroom newsletters, the school newsletter Bits and Bytes and the reader board in front of the school. Please be watching for exact dates of the events. We look forward to being a part of your child’s learning. All students will learn at high levels through the lens of a STEM mindset. Our Vision: To achieve our mission, we will become a school that provides a safe environment, embraces diverse learners, and empowers students to apply their learning dispositions to reach their full potential.
Academy. The Board of Directors of the Academy distribute funding for recruitment and grant activities in ac­ cordance with the Grant A, and : Recruitment and grant activities Total amount (DKK) ­ Total Xxxxx has been used in accordance with the Grant A any The Foun DKK DKK DKK DKK DKK Total DKK If the Academy in a given year, the unused amount after t from the counts and the budget for the Academy . he ­ ary ber to Decem­ . The Foundation formation to the budget in the Grant A ards. activities Academy and organisation. Every , on the content. Academy ­ describing the current activi­ Deadline Document or information Signatures ­ Head of Academy Head of Academy CEO of Grant and Head of Academy Budget for the current year and ­ for the remaining Grant Period Head of Academy andHead of Academy Head of Academy and CEO Head of Academy Project When the Grant P by the end of the Academy as described in the Grant A The Academy through research­ Grant Period ends. The the Foundation activities and re­ . After the Grant P the unused funds to the Foundation. Changes The the Grant. The may make minor changes to the Grant as needed. a change in the Xxxxx X Xxxxx A any change a deviation of more than % categories a change in the Academy X . Xxxxx A are factors for which the changes. Contact with the Foundation ­ The contac . r the . , ad of the Academy, the Foundation’s CEO and the Foundation’s Head of Strategic Awards. A contact committe gic Awards cur­ The cornerstones). Any researchers associated with the Academy tion’s website. Taxation matter Grant The Grant A . carried out cordance with the x . Xxxxx
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Academy. The Academy is committed to: • Ensuring every student’s safety and happiness through offering support and pastoral care as necessary • Ensuring every student achieves his/her potential and high self-esteem as a valued member of the school community • Providing a balanced curriculum and meeting the needs of every student • Achieving high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility • Keeping parents/carers informed about general Academy matters and about their child, including any problems they might have as quickly as possibleBeing open and welcoming at all times and offering opportunities for parents/carers to become involved in the daily life of the Academy. By signing the Admissions Form, parents and students confirm that they agree to follow the terms of the above agreement.
Academy. The financing plan shall include an estimate of the amount of money that will be needed from each member school division during the following academic year to maintain and repair any building and/or facilities owned, maintained, leased, or used by the Regional School Board, and for the administration, instruction, and operation of its programs. The Council shall prepare budget estimates utilizing, as appropriate, the forms furnished by the Board of Education as provided in § 22.1-92 of the Code of Virginia.¶
Academy. (a) Within 60 days following the Closing Date, KPMG Peat Marwick LLP shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Buyer and the Sellers' Representative an audited balance sheet of Academy as at the Closing Date, prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles consistent with the balance sheet as at December 31, 1995 of Academy heretofore delivered to Buyer (the "Academy Closing Balance Sheet"), except that all expenses of Academy in connection with the preparation, execution and performance of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby that have not been expended since December 31, 1995, shall be deducted from Shareholders Equity. The methods and time periods applicable to finalizing the Closing Balance Sheet in accordance with Section 2.3.1 shall also apply to finalizing the Academy Closing Balance Sheet. (b) (1) If the amount of the shareholders equity reflected on the Academy Closing Balance Sheet ("Academy Closing Equity") is less than $1,034,393 ("December 31 Academy Equity"), then the aggregate Purchase Price shall be reduced by an amount equal to the amount by which Academy Closing Equity is less than December 31 Academy Equity. If the amount of Academy Closing Equity is greater than December 31 Academy Equity, then the Purchase Price shall be increased by such excess. (2) If the amount of Net Academy Liabilities (as defined below) on the Academy Closing Balance Sheet is greater than $4,149,536, then the aggregate Purchase Price shall be reduced by the amount of such excess. Net Academy Liabilities means with respect to Academy (i) accounts payable plus accrued expenses plus short term debt plus long term debt (including current maturities of long term debt) less (ii) cash and cash equivalents. (c) The Buyer shall pay to the Sellers' Representative for payment to the relevant Owners, or the Sellers' Representative shall pay or cause to be paid to the Buyer the amount of the adjustment required under this Section 2.3.5. Such adjustment shall be made in cash not later than on the third business day following final determination of the Academy Closing Balance Sheet." 8. The first sentence of Section 3.2 is hereby amended by inserting "the day next following" immediately preceding "the Closing Date." 9. By executing and delivering this instrument (a) Encare of Massachusetts, Inc. ("Encare"), hereby joins in and becomes a party to the Acquisition Agreement as a Seller Entity with the intention and effect that Encare shall b...
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