Title to Sample Clauses

Title to the Goods shall transfer unconditionally to the Buyer upon receipt of payment thereof (whether in terms of clause 4.1 or otherwise). Risk will, however, remain with the Seller until formal acceptance of the Goods in accordance with clause 2.5, without prejudice to the Buyer’s rights in terms of the warranties provided by the Seller in terms of these GPC or otherwise.
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Title to. Common Shares To Be Sold; All Authorizations Obtained.................................11 Delivery Of The Common Shares To Be Sold.......................................................11
Title to all personal property and fixtures of Tenant shall remain in Tenant and Tenant may remove such personal property and fixtures upon or prior to the expiration of the Term.
Title to the excess electricity that you export to the grid passes to us at the Supply Point.
Title to the Goods transfers to Buyer upon delivery of the Goods by Seller to a carrier. Delivery to a carrier constitutes delivery to the Buyer, and regardless of whether or not Seller pays the freight, all risk of loss or damage in transit will pass to the Buyer upon delivery to such carrier. The Buyer may be charged for any warehousing fees, demurrage fees, trucking and other expenses occasioned by or incident to any delays requested or mad for the convenience of the Buyer beyond the scheduled shipping date. Claims for shortage or other errors must be made in writing to Seller within ten (10) days after receipt of a shipment. Failure to make such a claim within such ten (10) day period will constitute a waiver of all such claims by Buyer and such failure will constitute acceptance of the Goods. Methods and route of shipment will be at the discretion of Seller unless the Buyer specifies otherwise in writing and Seller agrees. Any additional expense associated with the method or route of shipment specified by the Buyer will be borne by the Buyer.
Title to. 20[__]-[__] SUBI Certificate. Immediately prior to the transfer of the 20[__]-[__] SUBI Certificate pursuant to this Agreement, the Transferor (A) is the true and lawful owner of the 20[__]-[__] SUBI Certificate and it has the legal right to transfer the 20[__]-[__] SUBI Certificate; (B) has good and valid title to the 20[__]-[__] SUBI Certificate and the 20[__]-[__] SUBI Certificate is on the date hereof free and clear of all Liens; (C) will convey good, valid and indefeasible title to the 20[__]-[__] SUBI Certificate to the Transferee under this Agreement.
Title to the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer until payment in full for the Goods has been received.
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Title to all Buyer-furnished property shall at all times be and remain in Buyer, whether or not such property is attached to any real estate or other thing. Seller shall, upon request of Xxxxx and without additional charge, execute such financing statements, security agreements, or other instruments as may be necessary to make Xxxxx's title a matter of public record. Title to any such property which is procured or manufactured by Seller shall be deemed to vest in Buyer upon the earlier of (I) acquisition or completion of manufacture by Seller or (II) payment for the same by Buyer. Seller shall keep all Buyer-furnished property separate from all other property and clearly marked to show Buyer's ownership and shall do all things necessary to preserve Buyer's title thereto, free and clear of all encumbrances. Seller shall, upon completion of its receipt and, if necessary, installation of all Buyer-furnished property, submit to Buyer an itemized inventory showing the description, location, and identifying marks of each item or group of similar items included among such property. Buyer shall have the right, at such reasonable times as it may choose, to enter Seller's premises and inspect any and all such property. Should Seller fail to perform the duties imposed upon it by this section (b) or should Buyer at any time have reason to believe that its tile to, or right to the possession of, any Buyer- furnished property is threatened, Xxxxx shall have the right, in addition to any other remedies provided by law, to enter upon Seller's premises and remove any or all such property, with or without the decree or order of any court. Upon completion, termination, or cancellation of this order, Seller shall, on the request of Buyer, properly pack any or all such property and ship the same, F.O.B. Seller's plant, to such destination as may be designated by Buyer. (c) Seller shall, at its own expense, perform all maintenance work, repairs, and replacements which may be necessary with respect to any Buyer-furnished property so that the same may remain suitable for the use contemplated hereby and may, at the time required by this order, be returned to Buyer in as good condition as when received, except for reasonable wear and tear and for any consumption of materials necessarily resulting from their use. Seller shall segregate and collect in one location all Buyer-furnished
Title to the Goods shall not pass to the Customer until the Supplier receives payment in full (in cash or cleared funds) for the Goods and any other goods that the Supplier has supplied to the Customer in respect of which payment has become due, in which case title to the Goods shall pass at the time of payment of all such sums.
Title to the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer until bioMérieux has received in full (in cash or cleared funds) sums due to it in respect of those Goods.
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