Determination of the Sample Clauses

Determination of the job class during the life of this collective agreement
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Determination of the. Monthly Schedule by the Operator The Operator shall devise the Shipper's Monthly Schedule for Month M concurrently with the Monthly Schedule for the other Shippers, between the twentieth (20th) and twenty-fifth (25th) calendar day of Month M-1.
Determination of the. Asset Claim relating to each Asset Pool The Company shall determine the Asset Pool which is the subject of the Individual Claim Amount of each TA Signatory before making any Allocation of Assets in respect of that Asset Pool. Where an Individual Claim Amount of a TA Signatory in respect of a single Stock Line may be in respect of a Custody Securities Pool and/or a Non-Custody Securities Pool, the Company shall apportion the Asset Claim between Individual Claim Amounts in accordance with the Relevant Information. If the Relevant Information is not sufficiently adequate or reliable to do this, the Company shall apportion the entire Asset Claim to the relevant Non-Custody Securities Pool. 44 Reservation of Assets from a Custody Securities Pool, a Non-Custody Securities Pool or a Multiple Stock Line Pool for TA Non-Signatories This Clause 44 does not apply to any Single Customer Pool and any reference to an “Asset Pool” in this Clause 44 shall not be construed as a reference to any Single Customer Pool.
Determination of the. Number of Each Holder's Shares to be Redeemed. The number of Shares of Class A Preferred to be redeemed from each holder thereof in redemptions hereunder shall be the number of Shares determined by multiplying the total number of Shares to be redeemed times a fraction, the numerator of which shall be the total number of Shares then held by such holder and the denominator of which shall be the total number of Shares then outstanding.
Determination of the. The value of a Subaccount of the Separate Account, at CONTRACT VALUE any time prior to the Maturity Date, is determined by multiplying the total number of Accumulation Units under this contract for that Subaccount by the current Accumulation Unit Value of that Subaccount. The Contract Value for amounts held under Variable Payment Annuity Option L is determined in the same manner. The value of the Guaranteed Interest Account equals the total value of the Adjusted Premiums. The total Contract Value under this contract equals the sum of the values of each of the Subaccounts and the Adjusted Premiums. THE VALUATION OF The values and benefits of the Guaranteed Interest SUBACCOUNTS AND Account are not less than those required by the laws GUARANTEED INTEREST of the state in which it is delivered. ACCOUNT The values of the assets in each Subaccount will be calculated in accordance with applicable law and accepted procedures.
Determination of the respondent for disputes with the European Union or its Member States
Determination of the. FCRMAX OF A PREQUALIFICATION TEST Result of synthetic frequency profile For the purposes of the test, XXXX will sum the DPmeasured(ts) of all Delivery Points in the Providing Group: () = ∑ () ∈ The baseline for the prequalification test is defined by taking the average Pmeas(ts) over the 20 seconds preceding the beginning of the test (TS0-19 to TS0): = = 0 ∗ ∑ () =0−19 For each frequency step of 50 mHz, XXXX caculates the FCR Power supplied (ts), based on a 10 second average value, as follows: ℎ ,
Determination of the. (b) If the Participants cannot resolve a dispute between them after following the dispute resolution procedures set out in the mediation clause, then any of them may by giving at least 60 days' notice in writing, terminate this agreement.
Determination of the competent authorities The Contracting Parties shall without undue delay inform each other which authority or authorities, under its national law, are competent in accordance with this Agreement, when that Contracting Party is the issuing State or the executing State.