OF THE ACQUISITION. 5.1 Where the Acquisition is being implemented by way of the Scheme:
OF THE ACQUISITION. 2.1 Subject to the terms of this Agreement and subject to any extension in time or termination of this process which may occur in compliance with the terms of this Agreement, each party undertakes (and, to the extent appropriate, each party undertakes to procure that the other members of its Group undertake) to implement the Acquisition in accordance with, and subject to, the Conditions and, so far as possible, the Timetable with the overall intention that all Conditions (other than the sanction of the Court) are satisfied prior to the date on which the First Court Hearing is scheduled to occur in accordance with the Timetable (the ?Target Hearing Time?). To this end, the parties will procure the release of the Press Announcement on or about 7am on the date hereof or such other time and date as may be agreed by the parties.
OF THE ACQUISITION. 3.1 The parties undertake to use all their respective reasonable endeavours to implement the Acquisition in accordance with, and subject to the terms and Conditions set out in the Announcement, the Timetable, the Scheme Document or, if Bidco elects to proceed by way of an Offer, the Offer Document, provided that this Clause 3.1 shall be subject to and without prejudice to (to the extent permitted by the Panel) Bidco's right to invoke one or more of the Conditions and also to Clause 3.9.


  • The Acquisition Upon the terms and subject to the conditions hereof, at the Closing (as hereinafter defined) the parties shall do the following:

  • Consummation of the Acquisition On or prior to the Closing Date, there shall have been delivered to the Administrative Agent true and correct copies of all Acquisition Documents, certified as such by an appropriate officer of the Borrower, and all terms and conditions of the Acquisition Documents shall be in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Lead Arrangers. The Acquisition, including all of the terms and conditions thereof and including, without limitation, the Merger, shall have been duly approved by the board of directors and (if required by applicable law) the shareholders of each of the Borrower (prior to the consummation of the Merger), the Target and each other Group Company party thereto, and all Acquisition Documents shall have been duly executed and delivered by the parties thereto and shall be in full force and effect. The representations and warranties set forth in the Acquisition Documents shall be true and correct in all material respects as if made on and as of the Closing Date (except to the extent such representations and warranties expressly refer to a prior date, in which case such representations and warranties shall have been true and correct as of such prior date), and each of the parties to the Acquisition Documents shall have complied in all material respects with all covenants set forth in the Acquisition Documents to be complied with by it on or prior to the Closing Date (without giving effect to any modification, amendment, supplement or waiver of any of the material terms thereof unless consented to by the Lead Arrangers, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed). Each of the material conditions precedent to the Group Companies’ obligations to consummate the Acquisition as set forth in the Acquisition Documents shall have been satisfied to the reasonable satisfaction of the Lead Arrangers or waived with the consent of the Lead Arrangers, and, on or prior to the Closing Date and prior to the borrowing of the initial Loans, the Acquisition shall have been consummated for aggregate consideration not in excess of $510,000,000 (excluding purchase price adjustments) (excluding related transaction fees and expenses not exceeding $20,000,000) in accordance with all applicable laws and the Acquisition Documents (without giving effect to any material amendment or modification thereof or material waiver with respect thereto including, but not limited to, any material modification, amendment, supplement or waiver relating to any disclosure schedule or exhibit, unless such modification, amendment, supplement or waiver could not reasonably be expected to be materially adverse in any respect to the Lenders or unless consented to by the Lead Arrangers). On the Closing Date, the certificate of merger with respect to the Merger shall have been filed with the appropriate Governmental Authority having primary jurisdiction over affairs of corporations in Delaware.

  • Representations of the Acquired Funds In connection with any investment by an Acquiring Fund in an Acquired Fund in excess of the limitations in Section 12(d)(1)(A), the Acquired Fund agrees to: (i) comply with all conditions of the Rule, as interpreted or modified by the SEC or its Staff from time to time, applicable to Acquired Funds; (ii) comply with its obligations under this Agreement; and (iii) promptly notify the Acquiring Fund if such Acquired Fund fails to comply with the Rule with respect to an investment by the Acquiring Fund, as interpreted or modified by the SEC or its Staff from time to time, or this Agreement.

  • COVENANTS OF THE ACQUIRING FUND AND THE ACQUIRED FUND 5.1. The Acquiring Fund and the Acquired Fund each will operate its business in the ordinary course between the date hereof and the Closing Date, it being understood that such ordinary course of business will include the declaration and payment of customary dividends and distributions, and any other distribution that may be advisable.

  • Hostile Acquisitions Directly or indirectly use the proceeds of any Loan in connection with the acquisition of part or all of a voting interest of five percent or more in any corporation or other business entity if such acquisition is opposed by the board of directors or management of such corporation or business entity.

  • Consummation of Acquisition Concurrently with the making of the initial Loans, (i) the Buyer shall have purchased pursuant to the Acquisition Documents (no provision of which shall have been amended or otherwise modified or waived in a manner that is materially adverse to the Lenders’ interests) without the prior written consent of the Agents), and shall have become the owner, free and clear of all Liens, of all of the Acquisition Assets, (ii) the proceeds of the initial Loans shall have been applied in full to pay a portion of the Purchase Price payable pursuant to the Acquisition Documents for the Acquisition Assets and the closing and other costs relating thereto, and (iii) the Buyer shall have fully performed all of the obligations to be performed by it under the Acquisition Documents.

  • REPRESENTATIONS OF THE ACQUIRING FUND The Acquiring Trust, on behalf of the Acquiring Fund, represents and warrants to the Selling Fund as follows:

  • Mergers or Acquisitions Merge or consolidate, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to merge or consolidate, with any other Person, or acquire, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to acquire, all or substantially all of the capital stock or property of another Person. A Subsidiary may merge or consolidate into another Subsidiary or into Borrower.

  • CONDITIONS PRECEDENT TO OBLIGATIONS OF THE ACQUIRED FUND The obligations of the Acquired Fund to complete the transactions provided for herein shall be, at its election, subject to the performance by the Acquiring Fund of all the obligations to be performed by it hereunder on or before the Closing Date, and, in addition thereto, the following further conditions, unless waived by the Acquired Fund in writing:

  • Future Acquisitions The Obligors will and will cause each of their Subsidiaries to provide environmental audits and tests in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials standards as reasonably requested by the Administrative Agent and the Lenders (or as otherwise required to be obtained by the Administrative Agent or the Lenders by any Governmental Authority) in connection with any future acquisitions of Oil and Gas Properties or other material Properties.