Academic Year Sample Clauses

Academic Year. Academic Year is defined as beginning with the start of fall semester and ending with the completion of spring semester.
Academic Year. It is agreed that the regular academic year refers to the period covered by regular faculty employment contracts from the beginning of the fall semester and continuing through the completion of the spring semester. It is understood that the regular academic year does not include the summer or the intersession referenced in Article IX of this Agreement; however, employment contracts for bargaining unit members include the intersession between the fall and spring semesters.
Academic Year. “Academic year” shall mean the twelve (12)-month period commencing on September 1 and ending on the ensuing August 31.
Academic Year. 1. The academic calendar shall be a period of time encompassing two (2) semesters, beginning no earlier than September 1 and ending no later than May 31, exclusive of Commencement. Classes shall begin no earlier than the day after Labor Day and end no later than December 24 for the Fall semester; provided, however, that the President of the College and the President of the Chapter may by mutual agreement set other dates for the academic calendar, including beginning classes prior to the day after Labor Day. When first (1st) semester classes begin after September 5, the President of the College may, after consultation with the local MACER, increase the class time from fifty (50) minutes to fifty-five (55) minutes for that semester consistent with the established past practice. Not later than March 1st of any academic year the college MACER committee may make recommendations to the President regarding the length of the break between the fall and spring semesters.
Academic Year. An Academic Year includes two (2) Semesters-Fall and Spring- as outlined by the accreditation agency, not to exceed sixteen (16) weeks, fifteen (15) weeks of instruction and one (1) week of finals, in each Academic Semester.
Academic Year. Faculty members, other than Sessional, Regular Part-Time and those who have agreed to partial year, reduced workload, have responsibilities throughout the academic year which shall consist of two (2) teaching semesters and one (1) non-teaching semester, unless otherwise determined by agreement between the employee and the Employer. The Union shall be notified at least two weeks prior to finalization of any agreement. A copy of this agreement shall be provided to the Union.
Academic Year. Effective January 1, 2008, each member of the Bargaining Unit who was a member of the Bargaining Unit on June 30, 2007, shall have his or her base salary increased by an amount of two percent (2%) of his/her base salary as of June 30, 2007.
Academic Year. 1. The College has established an academic year for faculty members consisting of thirty-two (32) weeks divided into two (2) sixteen (16) week semesters each of which shall include the time allocated for final examinations. The academic year shall start no earlier than August 25 and end no later than June 25. If classes must start prior to September 1st of any calendar year, the earliest start of classes for no more than a sixteen week semester would be August 25th.
Academic Year. That period beginning on the first day of the academic year designated by the Board and ending on the last day of the same, inclusive.