An Industry Sample Clauses

An Industry. Diversity Score is then established for each Xxxxx’x Industry Classification Group by reference to the following table for the related Aggregate Industry Equivalent Unit Score; provided that if any Aggregate Industry Equivalent Unit Score falls between any two such scores, the applicable Industry Diversity Score will be the lower of the two Industry Diversity Scores: Aggregate Industry Equivalent Unit Score Industry Diversity Score Aggregate Industry Equivalent Unit Score Industry Diversity Score Aggregate Industry Equivalent Unit Score Industry Diversity Score Aggregate Industry Equivalent Unit Score Industry Diversity Score 0.0000 0.0000 5.0500 2.7000 10.1500 4.0200 15.2500 4.5300 0.0500 0.1000 5.1500 2.7333 10.2500 4.0300 15.3500 4.5400 0.1500 0.2000 5.2500 2.7667 10.3500 4.0400 15.4500 4.5500 0.2500 0.3000 5.3500 2.8000 10.4500 4.0500 15.5500 4.5600 0.3500 0.4000 5.4500 2.8333 10.5500 4.0600 15.6500 4.5700 0.4500 0.5000 5.5500 2.8667 10.6500 4.0700 15.7500 4.5800 0.5500 0.6000 5.6500 2.9000 10.7500 4.0800 15.8500 4.5900 0.6500 0.7000 5.7500 2.9333 10.8500 4.0900 15.9500 4.6000 0.7500 0.8000 5.8500 2.9667 10.9500 4.1000 16.0500 4.6100 0.8500 0.9000 5.9500 3.0000 11.0500 4.1100 16.1500 4.6200 0.9500 1.0000 6.0500 3.0250 11.1500 4.1200 16.2500 4.6300 1.0500 1.0500 6.1500 3.0500 11.2500 4.1300 16.3500 4.6400 1.1500 1.1000 6.2500 3.0750 11.3500 4.1400 16.4500 4.6500 1.2500 1.1500 6.3500 3.1000 11.4500 4.1500 16.5500 4.6600 1.3500 1.2000 6.4500 3.1250 11.5500 4.1600 16.6500 4.6700 1.4500 1.2500 6.5500 3.1500 11.6500 4.1700 16.7500 4.6800 1.5500 1.3000 6.6500 3.1750 11.7500 4.1800 16.8500 4.6900 1.6500 1.3500 6.7500 3.2000 11.8500 4.1900 16.9500 4.7000 1.7500 1.4000 6.8500 3.2250 11.9500 4.2000 17.0500 4.7100 1.8500 1.4500 6.9500 3.2500 12.0500 4.2100 17.1500 4.7200 1.9500 1.5000 7.0500 3.2750 12.1500 4.2200 17.2500 4.7300 2.0500 1.5500 7.1500 3.3000 12.2500 4.2300 17.3500 4.7400 2.1500 1.6000 7.2500 3.3250 12.3500 4.2400 17.4500 4.7500 2.2500 1.6500 7.3500 3.3500 12.4500 4.2500 17.5500 4.7600 2.3500 1.7000 7.4500 3.3750 12.5500 4.2600 17.6500 4.7700 2.4500 1.7500 7.5500 3.4000 12.6500 4.2700 17.7500 4.7800 2.5500 1.8000 7.6500 3.4250 12.7500 4.2800 17.8500 4.7900
An Industry. Union Standing Committee shall be created for the purpose of considering and deal­ ing fairly and effectively with the subjects listed in Sec­ tion 3 of this Article. The Standing Committee shall con­ sist of three (3) Union members, selected solely by the Union, and three (3) Industry members, selected solely by the

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  • International Assignor hereby requests such “open access” publication of the Animated abstract and agrees to pay the applicable Fee in accordance with the terms below: [ ] YES [ ] NO The Fee shall be paid initially with a US$ 500 advance payment on giving the Publisher the instruction to start work on the Animated Abstract, and US$ 450 (English language edition) or US$ 950 (Foreign language edition) on completion of the Animated Abstract. PAYMENT TERMS: Xxxxxxx Science shall invoice the Assignor in respect of the Fee. The Assignor shall pay the Fee to Xxxxxxx Science within 15 days of the date of invoice by means of cheque made payable to “Xxxxxxx Science Publishers Ltd”, or by credit card payment or by bank wire transfer. On making bank payments, please ensure that reference is made to our invoice number to avoid your payment not being traced. The Fee shall be paid in full without any deduction or withholding other than as required by law and the Assignor shall not be entitled to assert any credit, set-off, deduction, counterclaim or abatement of any nature whatsoever against Xxxxxxx Science in order to justify withholding payment of any such amount in whole or in part. If the Assignor is required, pursuant to any applicable present or future law, rule or regulation of any competent governmental or other administrative body, to make any deduction or withholding from any amount payable to Xxxxxxx Science pursuant to this Agreement, the Assignor shall pay to Xxxxxxx Science an additional amount as will, after the deduction or withholding has been made, leave Xxxxxxx Science with the same amount as it would have been entitled to receive in the absence of any such requirement to make a deduction or withholding; promptly pay to the relevant authority the amount of such deduction or withholding; and provide evidence of the same to Xxxxxxx Science on request.

  • CHINA The following provisions apply if you are subject to the exchange control regulations in China, as determined by the Company in its sole discretion:

  • Cultural Resources If a cultural resource is discovered, the Purchaser shall immediately suspend all operations in the vicinity of the cultural resource and notify the Forest Officer. Operations may only resume if authorized by the Forest Officer. Cultural resources identified and protected elsewhere in this contract are exempted from this clause. Cultural resources, once discovered or identified, are not to be disturbed by the Purchaser, or his, her or its employees and/or sub- contractors.

  • Financial Management System Subrecipient shall establish and maintain a sound financial management system, based upon generally accepted accounting principles. Contractor’s system shall provide fiscal control and accounting procedures that will include the following:

  • Financial Management (a) The Recipient shall ensure that a financial management system is maintained in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.09 of the Standard Conditions.

  • Financial Resources THL Advisors has the financial resources available to it necessary for the performance of its services and obligations as contemplated in the Prospectus and the General Disclosure Package and under the Company Agreements to which THL Advisors is a party.

  • Financial Services Cooperation shall in particular aim at facilitating the involvement of the Kyrgyz Republic in universally accepted systems of mutual settlements. Technical assistance shall focus on: The development of banking and financial services, the development of a common market of credit resources, the involvement of the Kyrgyz Republic in a universally accepted system of mutual settlements, The development of fiscal system and its institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic, exchange of experience and personnel training, The development of insurance services, which would, inter alia, create a favourable framework for Community companies participation in the establishment of joint ventures in the insurance sector in the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the development of export credit insurance. This cooperation shall in particular contribute to xxxxxx the development of relations between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Member States in the financial services sector.

  • Health Care The Change Entity will reimburse the Executive for the cost of continuing health coverage under COBRA, less the amount the Executive is expected to pay as an employee premium at the lowest rate in effect at any time during the Protection Period for this coverage, until the earlier of [i] the last day of the 24th complete calendar month beginning after the date the Executive is Terminated in Connection With a Change of Control or [ii] the date the Executive becomes eligible for comparable benefits at comparable costs to the Executive under another employer sponsored benefit program. The amounts payable under this section will be increased to reimburse the Executive for federal, state and local income, employment and wage taxes associated with that reimbursement. Any reimbursement for continuing health coverage under this Section 5.07[1][c], other than with respect to any continuing health coverage during the applicable COBRA health insurance benefit continuation period described in Section 4980B of the Code, and any reimbursement for taxes remitted pursuant to this Section 5.07[1][c] shall be subject to the following: [A] the amount eligible for reimbursement during any taxable year of the Executive may not affect the amount eligible for reimbursement to the Executive in any other taxable year; [B] any reimbursement shall be made on or before the last day of the taxable year of the Executive following the taxable year of the Executive in which the expense is incurred; and [C] the right to such reimbursement may not be subject to liquidation or exchange for another benefit. [d] Other. Any rights (including those arising on account of the Change of Control) accruing to the Executive under any other compensatory program and employee benefit plan, fund or program maintained by the Change Entity will be distributed or made available as required by the terms of the program, plan or fund or as required by law.

  • ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT STANDARDS Performing Agency shall conform to HHS standards for data management as described by the policies of the HHS Chief Data and Analytics Officer. These include, but are not limited to, standards for documentation and communication of data models, metadata, and other data definition methods that are required by HHS for ongoing data governance, strategic portfolio analysis, interoperability planning, and valuation of HHS System data assets.

  • General Management In the discharge of its general duty to manage the successful performance of the Services, Vendor shall: