All Purposes Sample Clauses

All Purposes. The annualised shiftwork payment shall be paid for all purposes including the clearance of paid leave.
All Purposes. Employeesordinary weekly salaries shall be paid for all purposes. "All purposes" shall cover all circumstances where employees' ordinary weekly salary rates are applied.
All Purposes. Intentionally deleted.

Related to All Purposes

  • Business Purposes The Loan is solely for the business purpose of Borrower, and is not for personal, family, household, or agricultural purposes.

  • GENERAL PURPOSE 1.01 The general purpose of this Agreement is to provide orderly collective bargaining relations between the Company and the Union and to provide a procedure for the prompt and equitable disposition of grievances and to establish and maintain working conditions, hours of work and wages for all employees who are subject to the provisions of this Agreement.

  • JOB PURPOSE To provide driving services for achievement of the objectives of the Ghana Education Service Council.

  • Loan Purpose of Mortgage Pool by Aggregate Aggregate Weighted Weighted Number Cut-off Cut-off Average Average Weighted of Date Date Gross Remaining Average Mortgage Principal Principal Interest Term Original Loan Purpose Loans Balance ($) Balance Rate (%) (months) LTV ----------------------------------------------- -------- ------------- --------- -------- --------- -------- Refinance - Cashout 3,148 517,052,516 65.14 6.914 350 77.70 Purchase 1,374 231,227,999 29.13 6.829 357 84.22 Refinance - Rate Term 316 45,447,287 5.73 6.734 342 81.24 Total: 4,838 793,727,802 100.00 6.879 351 79.80 Top

  • Commercial Purposes Borrower intends to use the Loan proceeds solely for business or commercial related purposes.

  • Continuance of Agreement for Certain Purposes If any Party terminates this Agreement with respect to any Fund pursuant to Sections 6.1(b), 6.1(c), 6.1(d), 6.1(f), 6.1(g), 6.1(h) or 6.1(i) hereof, this Agreement shall nevertheless continue in effect as to any Shares of that Fund that are outstanding as of the date of such termination (the "Initial Termination Date"). This continuation shall extend to the earlier of the date as of which an Account owns no Shares of the affected Fund or a date (the "Final Termination Date") six (6) months following the Initial Termination Date, except that LIFE COMPANY may, by written notice shorten said six (6) month period in the case of a termination pursuant to Sections 6.1(d), 6.1(f), 6.1(g), 6.1(h) or 6.1(i).

  • Business Purpose The Company may conduct any and all lawful business appropriate in carrying out the Company’s objectives, as permitted under Section 00-00-000 of the Act.

  • Permitted Purposes Participant will use the HIE, and will require that its Participant Users use the HIE, only for Permitted Purposes, which will be specified and further defined from time-to-time in the Policies and Procedures, consistent with Section 3.02.

  • Trust Purpose The purpose of the Trust is to conduct, operate and carry on the business of an open-end management investment company registered under the 1940 Act. In furtherance of the foregoing, it shall be the purpose of the Trust to do everything necessary, suitable, convenient or proper for the conduct, promotion and attainment of any businesses and purposes which at any time may be incidental or may appear conducive or expedient for the accomplishment of the business of an open end management investment company registered under the 1940 Act and which may be engaged in or carried on by a trust organized under the Act, and in connection therewith the Trust shall have the power and authority to engage in the foregoing, both within and without the State of Delaware, and may exercise all of the powers conferred by the laws of the State of Delaware upon a Delaware statutory trust.

  • Grant Purpose This grant shall be used exclusively for the “State Aid to Libraries Grant,” the public purpose for which these funds were appropriated.