Accounts Payable definition

Accounts Payable means all trade and other accounts payable, including accrued expenses, owed by the Company.
Accounts Payable means (a) all trade accounts payable to suppliers of the Business in respect of the Business, including all trade accounts payable representing amounts payable in respect of goods shipped or products sold or services rendered and (b) all other accounts payable in respect of services rendered to the Business, in each case of clauses (a) and (b), solely to the extent included in the Modified Working Capital.
Accounts Payable means all accounts payable and liabilities, obligations and commitments, regardless of when asserted, billed or imposed, of Seller or the Selling Affiliates as of the end of the day immediately prior to the Closing Date.

Examples of Accounts Payable in a sentence

  • Xxxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Date: Approved by Board: (Date) #:91400 8/17 White - Accounts Payable Yellow - Vendor Pink - Purchasing 1.

  • The County shall process such bills and pay such sums as are properly billed to the County in accordance with the County’s procedures for payment of Accounts Payable.

  • All invoices, including detailed backup, shall be sent to City of Sunnyvale, attention Accounts Payable, P.O. Box 3707, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3707.

  • Invoices: Contractor will submit invoices for payment to: Berkeley Unified School District, Accounts Payable, 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Suite 217B, Berkeley, CA 94702.

  • Invoices shall be submitted to Huron Valley Schools, Attention: Accounts Payable, 0000 X.

More Definitions of Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable has the meaning assigned by Section 2.3(b).
Accounts Payable means a debt owed by a school district on June 30 immediately prior to administrative consolidation, excluding bonded indebtedness or other long-term debt;
Accounts Payable means payables of the Company, including, without limitation, all trade payables, notes payable and other payables of the Company, which are classified as accounts payable on the regularly prepared balance sheet of the Company.
Accounts Payable has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 1.02(a)(ii).
Accounts Payable means, with respect to Seller, all accounts payable and other payment obligations to suppliers and vendors of the Business and trade payables, if any, whether or not listed on Seller’s books or records.
Accounts Payable means amounts relating to the Business owing to any Person as of the Closing Time, which are incurred in connection with the purchase of goods and services in the Ordinary Course of Business.
Accounts Payable means the trade accounts payable incurred in the Ordinary Course of Business.