Free of charge Sample Clauses

Free of charge. The firms that download the document must arrange to forward their particulars/contacts to the Head of Procurement, Communications Authority of Kenya, through email address xxxxxxx@xx.xx.xx before the closing date for records and for the purposes of receiving clarifications and/or addendums, if any.
Free of charge. 7.1 Our service is free of charge because, unlike many other parties, we will not charge you for our Service or add any additional (reservation) fees to the rate.
Free of charge. Party A and Party B hereby agree that both parties are not required to pay any fees to each other for the data authorization hereunder.
Free of charge. The Service provision shall be included in the LU-CIX membership fee and shall not be subject to an additional fee. However, the provision of switch ports and/or the provision of trunks with a higher bandwidth will remain subject to the payment of a specific fee according to the LU-CIX price list.
Free of charge. Participation in LUP is free of charge. The Trustee shall act free of charge for the Member in the course of the LUP. The representation is paid for by the Company’s founders. There are no costs paid by Members for the services of the Trustee. Also, the payout of additional funds by the Trustee to Members occurs without Members paying any fees.
Free of charge. Employee shall not be charged by or pay anything to Kellwood Company or any of its subsidiaries for this benefit provided, however, that this benefit may be subject to tax withholding and the tax laws in effect.
Free of charge. Concierges are provided free of charge to coordinate and facilitate Service performance. In those instances, however, where a Concierge personally performs a Service for a Member, Service Fees set forth in the Guide will apply.
Free of charge. (a) New Subscription - Free of charge, CNS will create a new Azure subscription with an approved budget for consumption.
Free of charge. This is the case when the third party makes some of its resources available to a participant but does not request any reimbursement from the participant. The costs of the third party will be declared by the participant on its Form C as an eligible cost of the project. They also have to be included in the Certificates on the Financial Statements (CFS) of the participant. Since the resources are made available free of charge, its costs are not present in the accounts of the participant and therefore they must be recorded in the accounts of the third party (which can be audited if required). If the resources are made available specifically for a given project, they also have to be declared by the participant on its Form C as receipts of the project.
Free of charge. The Trustee shall act free of charge for the Tokenholder in the course of this Order.