Increased by Sample Clauses

Increased by. (i) the excess of (A) the deferred tax liability associated with the recapture of the tax bad debt reserve, over (B) the present value of that tax liability using an annual discount rate of 14% and assuming that such deferred tax liability will be paid ratably on the last day of each of the 24 calendar quarters ending after the Closing Date;
Increased by. (1) interest calculated at the Agreed Rate from the due date (without extensions) for filing the Tax Return for such Covered Taxable Year); and
Increased by. (i) The amount of Net Income and other items of income and gain computed as provided in Section 8.2 and allocated to such Member pursuant to Sections 8.3 and 8.4 hereof, and
Increased by. (i) the amount of cash and the Agreed Value of all property contributed by such Owner to the Company (As used herein, the term "
Increased by. (1) that Interest Holder’s additional pro-rata Capital Contributions (any contribution of property, other than money, by an Interest Holder to the Partnership will result in an increase of such Interest Holder’s Capital Account equal to the agreed fair market value of the property contributed, as mutually agreed by the General Partner and the contributing Interest Holder) net of liabilities secured by such contributed property that the Partnership is considered to assume or take subject to under Section 752 of the Code;
Increased by. (a) The amount of any additional Capital Contributions by such Partner, including the amount of Partnership liabilities assumed by such Partner or secured by any Partnership property distributed by the Partnership to such Partner;
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Increased by. (1) The Member’s Capital Contributions; and
Increased by. (1) all capital expenditures reasonably paid or incurred by Seller and approved by Buyer that are attributable to the Assets and attributable to the period of time from August 1, 2005 (“Effective Time”) to the Closing Date; and
Increased by. The amount of any additional Capital Contributions by such Member, including the amount of Company liabilities assumed by such Member or secured by any Company property distributed by the Company to such Member;
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