Water Quality Sample Clauses

Water Quality. The drinking water supplied by the Seller (in respect of the Company), Utility, Development, Reynolds, or any Company Subsidiary to their customers is and has been in compliance with all applicable federal and state drinking water standards except for such failures which are not having as of the date hereof, and are not reasonably likely to have, a Company Material Adverse Effect.
Water Quality. Lessee shall maintain the quality and quantity of Lessor’s water supply to be measured by testing any supply within 1,500 feet of Lessee’s proposed well, pit, pond, roadway, pipeline, pumping or processing facilities, or other facilities installed by Lessee prior to and at the completion of drilling or other operations on the Leased Premises or on any land in the unit of which any of the Leased Premises is a part and as deemed necessary by Lessor due to changes in flow (subject to natural seasonal variations) or quality, including but not limited to color, smell or taste. Should Lessor’s water supply be polluted or reduced as a result of Lessee’s operations, Lessee shall take any and all steps to restore water quality and quantity to its pre-existing condition or fully compensate Lessor for the damage and inconvenience caused thereby. During the period of remediation, Lessee shall supply Lessor with an adequate supply of potable water consistent with Lessor’s use of the damaged water supply prior to Lessee’s operation. Any pollution or reduction of any water supply after any operations commence will be presumed to be the result of Lessee’s operation unless Lessee can prove otherwise, with Lessee having the burden of proof by a preponderance of the evidence. Until Lessee can prove otherwise as to cause, Lessee shall provide the required replacement supply, beginning immediately upon Lessor’s providing evidence to Lessee of the water quality and quantity condition causing concern. Testing of Lessor’s water supply shall be conducted by an independent testing laboratory approved in writing by Lessor qualified to test water for the entire array of chemicals and agents utilized by Lessee in its operations. Lessor’s approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed so long as the testing laboratory is so qualified, and is not an Affiliate as defined in Article III, Section (3)(c) of this Lease. The burden shall be upon Lessee to provide evidence of all such chemicals and agents in order for the testing agent to adequately test the water. Lessee shall pay all costs of testing. Lessor shall be provided complete copies of any and all testing results and data, and shall have full rights to contact the testing lab for inquiry and information.
Water Quality. As summarized in the QMP, there are numerous threats to Lummi Nation Waters.1 The QMP provides a detailed description of Lummi Nation Waters and the geographical location of the Lummi Indian Reservation. Threats to Lummi Nation Waters include bacterial contamination of surface waters from both on- and off-Reservation sources which have the potential to damage resource-rich Reservation tidelands and adversely impact fisheries (e.g., closure of shellfish beds harvested for cultural, subsistence, and commercial purposes). Commercial shellfish beds located on the Portage Bay tidelands of the Reservation were downgraded from “approved” to “restrictedstatus in various areas from 1996 to 2006. The cause of the downgrades was attributed to contaminated Nooksack River water entering Portage Bay (Ecology 2000). The presence of Nooksack River water in Portage Bay occurs frequently and is evidenced by
Water Quality. Reclaimed water delivered under this Agreement shall be treated to levels acceptable to meet the requirements of Chapter 62-610 Florida Administrative Code and Florida Department of Environmental Protection requirements for irrigation on lands for public access.
Water Quality a. All sites which disturb greater than one acre shall have a permanent water quality BMP in place to treat at least the runoff from the entire site for a 1.2-inch rainfall event. The Unified Stormwater Sizing Criteria method shall be used to determine the water quality volume (WQv), as described in Chapter 2. This volume shall be released for a minimum period of 24-hours when a detention pond is used. For other BMPs that address water quality, the design criteria provided in Sections 3.2-3.4 of the GSMM will be followed.
Water Quality. 8.1. The Supply shall comply with the quality standards imposed by the Act and the Water Quality Regulations, PROVIDED ALWAYS that where a particular standard is the subject of a legal instrument accepted or issued by the Secretary of State or the Chief Inspector of Drinking Water under the provisions of the Act or the Water Quality Regulations, compliance with the terms of the relevant legal instrument shall be deemed to be compliance with the relevant quality standard imposed by the Act or the Water Quality Regulations (as the case may be), in which case the Water Company shall provide the New Appointee with a certified copy of any such authorised departure or undertaking. Each party undertakes to keep the other party fully informed of any discussions which take place at any time hereafter with the Secretary of State for the proposed issue of a legal instrument and of the outcome thereof.
Water Quality. Company will be responsible for maintaining the condition of the swimming pool water within the tolerances of the American Public Health Association and the local health department while pool is open to swimmers.  Free Chlorine 3.0 to 10.0 ppm  pH 7.2 to 7.8  Total Alkalinity 80 to 120 ppm  Calcium Hardness 200 to 300 ppm  Chlorine Stabilizer less than 100 ppm At no time will the water chemistry cause a failure of permission to operate the pool granted by local health departments. In the event the local health department revokes permission to operate the pool due to poor water chemistry, Customer shall be entitled to a partial refund of the contract price set forth herein computed by the following formula: Number of days (or hours) closed times the average daily portion of the contract price (total price divided by number of days (or hours) pool is to be in operation as determined by this Agreement). If, in the discretion of the Company, it is determined that the water quality is insufficient to properly operate the pool, the Company shall have the right to close the pool for such period of time as shall be necessary to correct the water quality. Any such closing shall entitle Customer to a refund in accordance with the formula stated above. All of the foregoing notwithstanding however, the Company shall be excused from maintaining water quality as established herein and the Customer shall be entitled to no refund in the event of any Act of God, mechanical/electrical equipment failure, repairs, interference by Customer, together with any and all other reasons beyond the control of Company (including fecal and vomit contamination). Any work performed by Company shall be subject to the conditions in the “Repair Workprovision of this Agreement.