Industry Best Practice definition

Industry Best Practice means, in relation to any services, the exercise of the skill, diligence, prudence, foresight and judgement which would be expected from a highly skilled and experienced and well-resourced person engaged in the same type of undertaking under the same or similar circumstances, applying the best standards and practices currently applied in, as the circumstances require, the relevant industry;
Industry Best Practice means the standard of care, attention, diligence, expertise, knowledge, methods and practice expected of a competent and experienced professional in the IT and Cyber Security profession;
Industry Best Practice means in any circumstances the exercise of the highest degree of skill, care, prudence and foresight reasonably to be expected of persons carrying out the activities contemplated by this Contract, in the petroleum industry worldwide and includes, in respect of the relevant activities, Good Oil Field Practice;

Examples of Industry Best Practice in a sentence

  • Industry Best Practice means, in any circumstance, the exercise of the degree of skill, care, prudence and foresight reasonably to be expected in those circumstances of skilled and experienced suppliers of research and development services in Australia.

  • Without limiting clause 9.1, and to the extent that the parties' own information and computer systems are utilised for the purposes of this Agreement, each party must in respect of their own information and computer systems, as at the Commencement Date, and for the duration of the Term, have installed and maintain adequate security features within those information and computer systems which are at least consistent with Industry Best Practice.

  • The Research Organisation will keep itself informed of Industry Best Practice in relation to information security and take steps to implement it.

  • Jesse Roy Wilson, “Goldcorp Crowdsourcing, An Industry Best Practice for the Intelligence Community?” Joint Force Quarterly Online, no.

  • SPARK’s DSOB worked with cyber security experts and major audit firms to develop an Industry Best Practice to enable members to certify to their clients the efforts they employ to protect a client’s valuable data.

More Definitions of Industry Best Practice

Industry Best Practice means the standards (including any relevant Australian Standard), practices and methods generally followed by and that degree of skill and diligence that would ordinarily be expected of a skilled and experienced contractor in the course of supplying goods and services similar to the Goods and Services.
Industry Best Practice means processes and technology processes that form of practice reasonably expected of a leading supplier in the same or substantially similar sector seeking to comply with its regulatory and contractual responsibilities.”
Industry Best Practice means the standards which fall within the upper quartile in the Provider’s industry for the provision of services which are substantially similar to the Services or the relevant part of them, having regard to factors such as the nature and size of the parties, the term of the Contract and any other relevant factors.
Industry Best Practice means with respect to any service, function or responsibility to be provided or carried out by the Supplier, means a standard of service, in terms of accuracy, reliability, completeness, quality, timeliness and efficiency, equal to or better than that being provided at the relevant time by the best managed and performing organisations providing services (in Australia) similar to the Services (or part of the Services) as the case may be.
Industry Best Practice means the utilisation of up-to-date and advanced proven processes, techniques, technology or methodologies, and will be interpreted having regard to:
Industry Best Practice means best practices commonly recognized in the IT industry from time to time and applicable to the protection and security of sensitive information of a nature similar to Protected Information against unauthorized access, disclosure or use, or any unauthorized attempts to access, disclose or use such information.
Industry Best Practice means at any time the exercise of that degree of skill, care, diligence, prudence, efficiency, foresight, standards, practices, methods, procedures and timeliness which would be expected at such time from a leading and expert company within the industry, such company seeking to comply with its contractual obligations in full and complying with all Applicable Laws.