The State shall Sample Clauses

The State shall i) Assist the LEA in the use of electronic screening of property via the RTD website and shall access the RTD website a minimum of once daily (Monday-Friday) to review and process LEA requests for property. Property justifications shall be validated to ensure they meet the intent of 10 USC § 2576a as suitable for use by agencies in law enforcement activities. Prior to approving a request or transfer, review the LEAs property allocation report to prevent over allocation.
The State shall. (a) provide the Union with any industrial hygiene tests, safety reports, ventilation and noise control engineering studies or safety related engineering studies prepared by it or on its behalf and relating to any agency or department in which bargaining unit members work.
The State shall. A. Collaboratively review NEPA approved projects with Forest Service to select restoration projects and treatments. Set up accounting systems and codes to charge pre- award & future costs to and for maintaining Program Income. Work with the U.S. Forest Service to identify and select project areas and types of project work. Take U.S. Forest Service data and import into state programs, when possible and beneficial. Identify objectives. Generate maps or utilize maps generated by the U.S. Forest Service.
The State shall i) Suspend LEAs for a minimum of 60-days in all situations relating to the suspected or actual abuse of property or requirements and/or repeated non-compliance related to the terms and conditions of this SPO. Suspension may lead to termination. The State shall also issue corrective action guidance to the LEA with suspense dates to rectify issues and/or discrepancies that caused the restriction, suspension, or termination. The State shall require the LEA to submit results on completed police investigations and/or reports on LSD property to include the LEA CAP. The LESO retains final discretion on reinstatement requests. Reinstatement to full participation from a restriction, suspension or termination is not automatic.
The State shall a. Conduct investigations and prepare, in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), state, or local standards, design plans, specifications and such other documents and services required for design, project coordination, construction bidding and construction.
The State shall. A. Perform in accordance with the attached Scope of Work and Financial Plan, Appendix A and B, and the Timber Removal Plan, Appendix D, if attached.
The State shall. A. During this initial five-year period, the State has provided labor, maintenance, parts and casualty and property coverage on the Equipment listed in Attachment A (that is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty). The State’s ongoing obligation to provide casualty and property coverage of the Equipment may be satisfied through self-insurance as allowed by CRS 24-30-1502(4.5).
The State shall. A. Perform in accordance with the attached Scope of Work and Financial Plan.
The State shall. 1. Notify the Forest Service, Fire and Aviation at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), to request activation of the MAFFS.
The State shall. A. Convene a diverse group of stakeholders to help develop a statewide 20-year strategic plan focused on fire-prone forests and ecosystems of eastern and southwestern Oregon. Help set priority treatment areas using values at risk and scenario planning to focus investments on areas that will yield the greatest return. Develop a financial implementation plan that incorporates public-private partnership, including conservation finance to increase scale, by investing in appropriately-scaled infrastructure in rural communities.