Monitoring and Reporting Sample Clauses

Monitoring and Reporting. 3.1 The Contractor shall provide workforce monitoring data as detailed in paragraph 3.2 of this Schedule 8. A template for data collected in paragraphs 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 will be provided by the Authority. Completed templates for the Contractor and each Sub-contractor will be submitted by the Contractor with the Diversity and Equality Delivery Plan within six (6) Months of the Commencement Date and annually thereafter. Contractors are required to provide workforce monitoring data for the workforce involved in delivery of the Contract. Data relating to the wider Contractor workforce and wider Sub-contractors workforce would however be well received by the Authority. Contractors and any Sub-contractors are required to submit percentage figures only in response to paragraphs 3.2(a), 3.2(b) and 3.2(c).
Monitoring and Reporting. 3.1 The Contractor shall provide an Apprenticeships and Skills Report within six (6) Months of the Commencement Date and annually thereafter. The Apprenticeships and Skills Report must be specific to the Contract and include details for all Sub-contractors involved in delivery of the Contract. The Contractor must obtain the required information from Sub-contractors and collate and submit an Apprenticeships and Skills Report that relates specifically to the Contract. The Apprenticeships and Skills Report will include:
Monitoring and Reporting. 6.1 The Recipient shall closely monitor the delivery and success of the Project throughout the Grant Period to ensure that the aims and objectives of the Project are being met and that this Agreement is being adhered to.
Monitoring and Reporting. The Programme Operator shall monitor, record and report on progress towards the programme’s outcomes in accordance with the provisions contained in the legal framework. The Programme Operator shall ensure that suitable and sufficient monitoring and reporting arrangements are made with the project promoters in order to enable the Programme Operator and the National Focal Point to meet its obligations to the Donors. When reporting on progress achieved in Annual and Final Programme Reports, the Programme Operator shall disaggregate results achieved as appropriate and in accordance with instructions received from the FMO.
Monitoring and Reporting. Section 9 is administrative except to the extent that it applies to Harvesting Rules Sections 13, 14, and 15, which are enforceable and therefore not considered administrative under this section.
Monitoring and Reporting. 20.17.1 There shall be central monitoring and reporting of vacancies with respect to the job registry and redeployment processes in accordance with Article 20.16 (Job Registry System).
Monitoring and Reporting. Each three (3) months following the execution of this Agreement until it expires or is terminated, the County or its Contractor shall provide all Signatories to this Agreement a summary report detailing work undertaken pursuant to its terms. Such report shall include any scheduling changes proposed, any problems encountered, and any disputes and objections received in the County’s efforts to carry out the terms of this Agreement.
Monitoring and Reporting. 9.1 Company shall provide a written report to the Agent in the form specified in Schedule 4 within 5 Business Days of the end of the first Quarter on the progress of the Project to date, specifying all Results and Data created or obtained or which have otherwise arisen in connection with the Project up until the end of that Quarter.