Laws or Regulations definition

Laws or Regulations means any laws or regulations in force in the respective states of the Authorities.
Laws or Regulations means, in relation to You or Your Authorised Users, all laws or regulations that are applicable to You or Your Authorised Users, including, without limitation, the rules of the FSA or any other regulations, requirements, stipulations or conditions made by any professional or regulatory organisation or association of which You or Your Authorised Users may from time to time be a member or which You or Your Authorised Users may be subject from time to time;

Examples of Laws or Regulations in a sentence

  • Except where otherwise expressly required by applicable Laws and Regulations, neither Owner nor Engineer shall be responsible for monitoring Contractor’s compliance with any Laws or Regulations.

  • Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating any exchange of material safety data sheets or other hazard communication information required to be made available to or exchanged between or among employers at the Site in accordance with Laws or Regulations.

  • Reference to standards, specifications, manuals, or codes of any technical society, organization, or association, or to Laws or Regulations, whether such reference be specific or by implication, shall mean the standard, specification, manual, code, or Laws or Regulations in effect at the time of opening of Bids (or on the Effective Date of the Agreement if there were no Bids), except as may be otherwise specifically stated in the Contract Documents.

  • Environmental Law shall mean Applicable Laws or Regulations relating to pollution or protection of the environment or natural resources.

  • These Bonds shall remain in effect at least until one year after the date when final payment becomes due, except as provided otherwise by Laws or Regulations or by the Contract Documents.

More Definitions of Laws or Regulations

Laws or Regulations means any laws or regulations in force in the respective states
Laws or Regulations means the provisions of the laws, regulations, and other regulatory requirements applicable in Brazil and in Greece.
Laws or Regulations means all rules, laws and regulations including, without limitation, compliance with any Federal, State or local law or rule or regulation including but not limited to the Gramm Xxxxx Xxxxxx Act, The USA Patriot Act, or error and dispute resolution procedures specified in Regulation E or Regulation Z, and the rules and regulations of Visa, MasterCard, and other similar entities including but not be limited to VISA’s Cardholder Information Security Program (“CISP”), MasterCard’s Sight Data Protection program (“SDP”), all of which Customer is responsible for compliance therewith.
Laws or Regulations means the laws and regulations, if any, applicable to matters in the jurisdictions of the Authorities concerning:
Laws or Regulations means the laws, regulations, statutes, legislation, case law, codes and the like of any state, province or country (or subdivisions thereof) that apply to a particular transaction(s), person, entity or asset(s).