Independent testing laboratory definition

Independent testing laboratory means an independent organization, accepted by the Contracting Officer, engaged to perform specific inspections or tests of the work, either at the site or elsewhere, and report the results of these inspections or tests.
Independent testing laboratory means a laboratory recognized by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration as a nationally recognized testing laboratory or a laboratory approved by the state fire marshal.
Independent testing laboratory means a private laboratory that is registered by the Commission to inspect and certify games, gaming devices, associated equipment, cashless wagering systems, inter- casino linked systems, mobile gaming systems or interactive gaming systems, and any components thereof and modifications thereto, and to perform such other services as the Board and Commission may request.

Examples of Independent testing laboratory in a sentence

  • Independent testing laboratory - An agency or firm that tests products for conformance to standards and employs at least one engineer or architect licensed in at least one state.

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Independent testing laboratory means a facility that:
Independent testing laboratory means a facility, an entity, or a site that offers or performs tests related to the inspection and testing of cannabis and products containing cannabis.
Independent testing laboratory means a laboratory:
Independent testing laboratory means a facility:
Independent testing laboratory means a facility licensed by the department pursuant to this article to offer or perform testing related to cannabis or cannabis products that is independent of cultivation centers, processing facilities, therapeutic cannabis pharmacies, and physicians who issue written certifications for the use of medical cannabis.
Independent testing laboratory. ' means a laboratory that is licensed by the commission
Independent testing laboratory means a testing laboratory independent of oversight activities by a provider of alternative treatment technology.