THE SECRETARY OF STATE. FOR JUSTICE care of Ministry of Justice, Property Directorate, FAO Xxxx Xxxxxxxx 10th Floor, Area 10.41, 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, London, SW1H 9AJ hereinafter called “the Owner”).
THE SECRETARY OF STATE. FOR TRADE AND INDUSTRY of Xxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX (the “Secretary of State”);
THE SECRETARY OF STATE and the Franchisee may agree to increase or reduce the amount covered or required to be covered under a Season Ticket Bond from time to time, and the Secretary of State may direct the Franchisee to amend the amount covered or required to be covered under a Season Ticket Bond when, in the Secretary of State’s sole discretion, the STBA calculated pursuant to paragraph 5.3 above may not accurately represent the value of the Season Ticket suspense liabilities held by the Franchisee." A new paragraph 7 shall be inserted as follows: "7 Survival This Schedule 12 and any other provisions of the Franchise Agreement reasonably required for the purpose of giving this Schedule 12 full effect shall survive the termination or expiry of the Franchise Term (however arising) and continue in full force and effect in accordance with its terms." Schedule 13: Information and Industry Initiatives Information and Industry Initiatives Schedule 13 shall be replaced with the new Schedule 13 attached at Appendix 6 (Schedule 13 (Information and Industry Initiatives)) to this Schedule 1. REFERENCE (CLAUSE/PARAGRAPH/SCHEDULE) AMENDMENT Schedule 14: Preservation of Assets
THE SECRETARY OF STATE. FOR HEALTH, (the “Authority”), of Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, 00 Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX; and
THE SECRETARY OF STATE. The Secretary of State will provide advice on the context and focus of the Institute’s activities, and on departmental policy, through strategic guidance11 - statutory notices to which the Institute must have regard. Although the Secretary of State will not be able to intervene in decisions made by the Institute, he or she can issue written directions to the Institute in the following circumstances: • if he/she is satisfied that the Institute has failed to discharge one of its duties or if he/she is satisfied that the Institute has acted, or is proposing to act, unreasonably in exercising any function;12
THE SECRETARY OF STATE. For Transport whose principal place of business is at Great Minster House, 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxx, XX0X 0XX (Secretary of State); and
THE SECRETARY OF STATE sets out his priorities in the Department of Health Corporate Plan which includes priorities and milestones for CQC. The CQC Board sets the CQC strategic objectives and the Healthwatch England Committee sets its strategic objectives in the context of the system objectives set by the Secretary of State. CQC and Healthwatch England are autonomous in this regard.
THE SECRETARY OF STATE. FOR DEFENCE whose address for the purposes of this Warranty shall be (the “Authority").
THE SECRETARY OF STATE. If you think that the trustees have failed to consider your complaint properly and reasonably, you can raise the matter with the Secretary of State. However, it is important to understand that this is not a general right of appeal for any parent who disagrees with the trustees’ decision. If the trustees have followed their published procedures and considered the complaint reasonably, neither the Headteacher nor the Secretary of State can reverse their decision. In your letter please explain: ⮚ what your complaint to the trustees was; ⮚ what response they have made to it; ⮚ why you think that the trustees have not followed a proper procedure in considering your complaint; and/or ⮚ why you think that their consideration of it was unreasonable. The Secretary of State Department for Education and Skills Sanctuary Buildings Great Xxxxx Street London SW1P 3BT NOTE: This does not apply where the complaint may lead to disciplinary proceedings against a teacher or child protection procedures. These matters have separate procedures.
THE SECRETARY OF STATE has issued a notice to the Franchisee pursuant to paragraph 4.2(a) of Schedule 8.1B (Performance Based Fee) in relation to a PBF Assessment Period commencing on any date other than 1 April in any Franchisee Year; and (ii) the Franchisee has not delivered a Quarterly Forecast to the Secretary of State in accordance with this paragraph 3.4 for the most recent quarter,