Project Participant definition

Project Participant means a member of the Project Team.
Project Participant. Any party to a Project Document and any party to a Loan Document, other than the Secured Parties.

Examples of Project Participant in a sentence

  • If the Water Charge or any portion thereof remains unpaid following their due date, the delinquent Project Participant shall be charged with and pay to the order of the Cooperative interest on the amount unpaid from its due date until paid at such rates the Project Board may establish from time to time..

  • On or before each January 31, beginning on the January 31 immediately following the Fiscal Year in which Project Water Service commenced, the Cooperative shall complete an audit of the aforesaid records and accounts and determine what should have been the Water Charge for each Project Participant based on actual costs during the preceding Fiscal Year.

  • Billing to each Project Participant shall be made on the 10th day of the following calendar month.

  • The Cooperative shall invoice each Project Participant for their Water Use Charge on regular monthly intervals.

  • All costs and expenses shall be borne by the Project Participant requesting the test, unless the Meter is found to be inaccurate beyond the manufacturer’s guaranteed range of accuracy, in which case, the cost and expense of the test shall be borne by the Cooperative and such cost may not be passed along to the Project Participant requesting the test, as part of the Water Charge.

More Definitions of Project Participant

Project Participant means a customer who enters into a
Project Participant means any employee or contractor of persons or entities performing services for compensation for you or an Authorized Subdivision that has been identified by written notice to Pictometry prior to being granted access to Delivered Content and, unless Pictometry expressly waives such requirement for any individual, has entered into a written agreement with Pictometry authorizing such access.
Project Participant means each of the parties to any Project Document, or collectively all of them as the case may be, other than the Issuer.
Project Participant or “Project Participants” means any and all recipients, team members, or subcontractors that receive NSRP ASE funds under this project. “Program Technical Representative (PTR)” means the person providing technical oversight of this project for the Program Administrator. The PTR reports to the Advanced Technology International Program Technical Director. “Parties,” means - Advanced Technology International and the Recipient where collectively identified and “Party” where individually identified.
Project Participant. As defined in the Recitals of this Contract