Project Participant definition

Project Participant means a member of the Project Team.
Project Participant means any employee or contractor of persons or entities performing services for compensation for you or an Authorized Subdivision that has been identified by written notice to Pictometry prior to being granted access to Delivered Content and, unless Pictometry expressly waives such requirement for any individual, has entered into a written agreement with Pictometry authorizing such access.
Project Participant means each Person that is party to a Project Document.

Examples of Project Participant in a sentence

In the event that the Host Government is unable to secure the compliance with this Agreement of any other body having the lawful authority to levy Taxes in the State (“a Defaulting Authority”), any Project Participant shall have the right to offset any amount required to be paid to a Defaulting Authority in contravention of the provisions of this Agreement against any amounts due to the Host Government.

With respect to any Activities that are not related to Project Activities, no account shall be taken of such Activities in determining whether a Permanent Establishment of a Project Participant exists.

This provision is without prejudice to any other remedy available to such a Project Participant under this Agreement.

No Taxes (including any import Taxes) shall be imposed on or with respect to any contribution of assets or any loan to or by any Interest Holder or any payment or other transfer to any Project Participant in connection with the Project.

Moreover, any Project Participant that is not entitled to the benefits of such a treaty shall be entitled to the benefits that would have been available if a treaty equivalent to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Model Tax Convention on Income and Capital were applicable.

More Definitions of Project Participant

Project Participant or “Project Participants” means any and all recipients, team members, or subcontractors that receive NSRP ASE funds under this project.
Project Participant means any of the officers or directors of the Company, any of certain employees of the Company or a Prudential Affiliate, or certain related Persons, all as identified pursuant to the Company's internal policies or administrative practices on or after February 10, 1998, for the purpose of excluding such persons, except as provided in the ADR Memorandum, from eligibility to receive consideration under this Plan with respect to Policies acquired or reinstated by such persons after the later of February 10, 1998 or the date they became an officer, director or designated employee or related person.
Project Participant means a customer who enters into a lease, power purchase agreement, loan, or other finan- cial agreement with a community solar company in order to obtain a beneficial interest in, other than direct ownership of, a community solar project.
Project Participant means any Project Investor, any Affiliate thereof, any Operator, Contractor, Shipper, Lender or Insurer.
Project Participant means any agent or employee of Principal Investigator or University who may participate in the Research Project, including, but not limited to, scientists, post-doctoral fellows, students, and technicians, in accordance with Section 2.2.
Project Participant means a NCPA Member or third party which enters into an agreement with NCPA relating to the second phase, third phase or operation of a NCPA Project.
Project Participant means a customer who enters into a