No Additional Cost Sample Clauses

No Additional Cost. Lost shareholder search functions include the following: |_| Searching for better addresses semi-annually |_| Sending verification notice to shareholder |_| Reviewing and clearing legal items |_| Posting new address and clearing unclaimed property |_| Conducting in-depth research in conjunction with a third party vendor. (may involve charge to shareholder if they request the third party vendor services) ADDITIONAL SERVICES EXCLUDED FROM THE PER FUND MONTHLY MINIMUM FEE ------------------------------------------------------------------
No Additional Cost. WuXi acknowledges that it is duly compensated for all actions through being entrusted by Customer with the performance of the Services under this Agreement, and WuXi agrees that it shall not be entitled to any additional fees, costs, reimbursement or other charges, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing. WuXi represents and warrants to Customer that all its employees, agents, consultants, and contractors who have contributed and will contribute to the Services have been and will be, as the case may be, properly remunerated, compensated and awarded for their contributions. WuXi agrees that this Agreement does not create an employment relationship between Customer and any of WuXi employees, agents, consultants, or contractors, notwithstanding any agreements that a WuXi employee, agent, consultant, or contractor may sign with Customer and/or WuXi from time to time. It is WuXi’s sole responsibility to compensate its employees, agents, consultants, and contractors as prescribed by applicable Chinese laws. Customer shall have no liability or responsibility for compensating any of WuXi employees, agents, consultants, or contractors for any invention.
No Additional Cost. No Obligor shall be liable under this Agreement or any other Finance Document to pay more after an assignment, transfer, novation or substitution under Clause 30.1 (Assignments by the Lenders) or 30.2 (Substitution) than it would have been liable to pay had such assignment, transfer, novation or substitution not taken place (except for transfer to KEXIM or K-sure).
No Additional Cost. The development of a classification structure unique to the Employer shall not result in additional cost solely as a result of its introduction.
No Additional Cost. Lessor shall not be entitled to assign the Lease if at the time of such assignment or transfer an increase in Lessee’s financial or indemnity obligations would result, or Lessee’s rights in respect of the Lease or the Engine would be restricted or diminished in any material way without the express prior written consent of Lessee (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld );
No Additional Cost. Provider agrees that the Processing of Company Personal Data under the Agreement is part of the Services, and, as such, all costs related to such Processing and to complying with this Schedule are included in the fees. Any changes related to Processing or in connection with Provider’s compliance with the requirements in this Schedule will not result in additional charges to Company or its Affiliates.
No Additional Cost. If at the time of any such assignment or transfer by Lessor there arises an obligation to make a payment to the assignee or transferee which exceeds the amount which Lessee would have been obligated to pay under this Agreement to Lessor if no such assignment or transfer had taken place, then Lessee shall not be obliged to pay the amount of such excess:

Related to No Additional Cost

  • No Additional Compensation Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the obligation of Agency to return Referred Accounts, provide current status reports of all such accounts or information reasonably required by Client shall be without right to any additional Contingent Fee, administrative fees or other compensation of any kind or type whatsoever after such termination date, including, without limitation, in quantum meruit, for any Services rendered prior to termination (except on recoveries received and remitted to Client pursuant to this Agreement prior to termination) whether or not said Services result in or contribute to recoveries received after termination.

  • CLAIMS FOR ADDITIONAL COST 12.3.1 If the Contractor wishes to make a claim for an increase in the Contract Sum, he shall give the Architect written notice thereof within twenty days after the occurrence of the event giving rise to such claim. This notice shall be given by the Contractor before proceeding to execute the Work, except in an emergency endangering life or property in which case the Contractor shall proceed in accordance with Paragraph 10.3 of these General Conditions. No such claim shall be valid unless so made. If the State and the Contractor cannot agree on the amount of the adjustment in the Contract Sum, it shall be determined by the Architect. Any change in the Contract Sum resulting from such claim shall be authorized by Change Order.

  • Additional Costs The Borrower shall promptly pay to the Agent for the account of a Lender from time to time such amounts as such Lender may determine to be necessary to compensate such Lender for any costs incurred by such Lender that it determines are attributable to its making or maintaining of any LIBOR Loans or its obligation to make any LIBOR Loans hereunder, any reduction in any amount receivable by such Lender under this Agreement or any of the other Loan Documents in respect of any of such Loans or such obligation or the maintenance by such Lender of capital in respect of its Loans or its Commitment (such increases in costs and reductions in amounts receivable being herein called “Additional Costs”), to the extent resulting from any Regulatory Change that: (i) changes the basis of taxation of any amounts payable to such Lender under this Agreement or any of the other Loan Documents in respect of any of such Loans or its Commitment (other than taxes, fees, duties, levies, imposts, charges, deductions, withholdings or other charges which are excluded from the definition of Taxes pursuant to the first sentence of Section 3.12.(a)); or (ii) imposes or modifies any reserve, special deposit or similar requirements (other than Regulation D of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System or other reserve requirement to the extent utilized in the determination of Adjusted LIBOR for such Loan) relating to any extensions of credit or other assets of, or any deposits with or other liabilities of, such Lender, or any commitment of such Lender (including, without limitation, the Commitment of such Lender hereunder); or (iii) has or would have the effect of reducing the rate of return on capital of such Lender to a level below that which such Lender could have achieved but for such Regulatory Change (taking into consideration such Lender’s policies with respect to capital adequacy).

  • Payment of Additional Costs If termination of this contract is due to the failure of the Engineer to fulfill its contract obligations, the State may take over the project and prosecute the work to completion, and the Engineer shall be liable to the State for any additional cost to the State.

  • No Additional Liability Nothing in this Coordination Agreement shall impose any liability or obligation on the part of any party to this Coordination Agreement to make any payment or disbursement in addition to any liability or obligation such party has under the Program Documents, except to the extent that a party has actually received funds which it is obligated to disburse pursuant to this Coordination Agreement.

  • No Additional Payments There is no obligation on the part of the Company or any other party to make payments in addition to those made by the Mortgagor;

  • No Additional Consideration (a) MCO will not be entitled to nor receive from HHSC any additional consideration, compensation, salary, wages, charges, fees, costs, or any other type of remuneration for Services and Deliverables provided under the Contract, except by properly authorized and executed Contract amendments.

  • No Additional Rights Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to confer any rights upon COMPANY by implication, estoppel, or otherwise as to any technology or patent rights of M.I.T. or any other entity other than the PATENT RIGHTS, regardless of whether such technology or patent rights shall be dominant or subordinate to any PATENT RIGHTS.

  • NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES Unless otherwise specified herein, Contractor shall not include or impose any additional charges including, but not limited to, charges for shipping, handling, or payment processing.

  • No Additional Collateral The Mortgage Note is not and has not been secured by any collateral except the lien of the corresponding Mortgage and the security interest of any applicable security agreement or chattel mortgage referred to in clause (j) above;