Water Supply Sample Clauses

Water Supply. Water supply to the residents of the Project will be made available from deep tube xxxxx or any other available source as may be permitted by the authorities concerned. Installation of on-line pumps to boost water supply is not permitted. Each Unit shall be given one water supply connection. The installation cost will be reimbursed by the Allottee and the usage charges will be applicable on actual consumption basis. However, after handing over the Common Areas and facilities of the Project, the Promoter/Maintenance Company/Association may make alternative arrangement for supply of potable water from the municipal/competent authority concerned and create necessary permissible infrastructure for the same at a cost which will be reimbursed by the Allottee as and when intimated by the Promoter/Maintenance Company/Association.
Water Supply. The system may or may not meet state and local requirements. It is the right and responsibility of Buyer to determine the compliance of the system with state and local requirements. [For additional information on this subject, request the “Water Supply and Waste Disposal Notification” form.]
Water Supply. State makes no representation to Lessee of water availability, quantity, or quality, pump failures, well damage or failures, or disruption of water supply due to action of any governmental authority or third party. Lessee hereby releases and forever discharges State, its agencies, officials, agents, and employees from any and all claims arising from use of water on the Premises. The Premises is located within Block 26, Unit 9 served by the South Columbia Basin Irrigation District (“State’s Water Supply”). Lessee shall at all times be in compliance with all laws relating to U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and the Irrigation District for the State’s Water Supply. The irrigable acreage under the State’s Water Supply shall not exceed the 157.5 acres authorized for irrigated crops. Lessee shall take all necessary action to comply with the terms and conditions of the State’s Water Supply authorized for use on the Premises and put all authorized water to its full beneficial use. Lessee shall not take any action to degrade the water quality or source or modify the State’s Water Supply or that could cause relinquishment, loss, or impairment of any portion of State’s Water Supply. State owns the water rights identified in this subsection as State’s Water Supply. Nothing in this lease is intended to transfer or otherwise limit any of State’s ownership of State’s Water Supply. Any surplus water resulting from conservation or other management practices belongs to State and may be transferred or used for other purposes at State’s option. State may require Lessee to install one or more State approved flow meters and report water use measurements at any time during the term of this lease.
Water Supply. Nothing herein contained shall render the Landlord liable to provide any further or other supply of water for use on the Property beyond such to which the Landlord is or from time to time may be entitled by virtue of its existing agreement with Affinity Water Limited or any agreement replacing the same or save as aforesaid to provide any further supply in case of the determination of such agreements AND FURTHER the Landlord shall not be liable to the Tenant for the contamination or pollution of the water or for the failure or partial failure of the supply of water from any cause or for the failure of Affinity Water Limited (from which the water is obtained) to furnish the supply of water at any time AND ALSO the Landlord and its officers and workmen shall at all times and in case of emergency or compelling necessity without any previous notice and otherwise on reasonable notice have full right and liberty to enter upon the Property to inspect the water main and pipes and if necessary to remove and repair the same at the cost of the Tenant (except where the Landlord or its tenants enjoy a common user of such mains and pipes in which case the cost to the Tenant shall be a fair and reasonable proportion of the total cost according to the extent of the user) and the Landlord and its officers and workmen shall not be liable for any unavoidable damage in so entering upon the Property but shall so far as practicable make good without delay all damage occasioned by such entry
Water Supply. City acknowledges and agrees that Xxxxxxxxx’s payment of the applicable City water fees for the Project will provide City with the means to furnish an adequate supply of water for the needs of the Project.
Water Supply a) SPD shall make their own necessary arrangements for water supply for construction, operations and maintenance of the Solar Power Plant.
Water Supply. (a) Each sink, bathtub and shower shall be connected to hot and cold water, and adequate hot water shall be supplied to meet the needs of the patients.