By Lessor Sample Clauses

By Lessor. Lessor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Lessee, its affiliates, officers, agents and employees (the “Lessee Indemnitees”) from and against any Losses for injury to or death of persons, including, but not limited to, employees of Lessee or Lessor, and damage or destruction of property, including, but not limited to, property of either Lessee or Lessor, or other loss or damage incurred by Lessee, but only to the extent caused by: (A) negligent acts or omissions or willful misconduct of the Lessor Indemnitees; or (B) the material breach by Lessor of any of its obligations under this Agreement; or (C) the inaccuracy of any representation or warranty of Lessor contained in this Agreement. The obligation to indemnify shall extend to and encompass all costs incurred by Lessee and any Lessee Indemnitee in defending such Losses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney, witness and expert witness fees, and any other litigation related expenses. Lessor’s obligations pursuant to this Section 10(a)(ii) shall not extend to Losses for liability to the extent attributable to the negligence, fraud or willful misconduct of Lessee, the Lessee Indemnitees, or their respective contractors, successors or assigns, or the acts of third-parties. Lessor shall pay any reasonable cost that may be incurred by Lessee or the Lessee Indemnitees in enforcing this indemnity, including reasonable attorney fees.
By Lessor. To the extent permitted by state and federal law and its charter or by-laws, Lessor shall forever protect, save and keep Lessee and its permitted successors and assigns harmless and indemnify Lessor against and from any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, suits, judgments, penalties, expenses and liabilities or any kind or nature whatsoever, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising directly or indirectly out of (i) the willful misconduct of Lessor, its agents or employees, in connection with the performance of this Agreement; (ii) any programming transmitted by Lessor during any of Lessor's Airtime.
By Lessor. Lessor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Lessee and the Lessee Indemnitees from and against any and all Losses suffered or incurred by any such party by reason of or resulting from (A) any Release on the Sites or the Premises caused by Lessor or the Lessor Indemnitees or any Release on other property in the vicinity of the Sites or the Premises caused by Lessor or the Lessor Indemnitees to the extent any such Release impacts the Sites or the Premises; or (B) any environmental claim from any third party with regard to any violation or alleged violation of any Environmental Laws by Lessor or the Lessor Indemnitees or any actual, threatened or alleged Release affecting the Sites or the Premises by Lessor or the Lessor Indemnitees.
By Lessor. (a) Subject to the rights elsewhere granted to Lessee in this Lease and with prior notice to Lessee and no loss of service or interruption (beyond a temporary, non-recurring and de minimis amount), Lessor reserves the right to use the Tower, at its own expense, as it sees fit and to fasten additional equipment to the Tower for any purpose, including the right to install transmitting and/or receiving antennas of others; provided that Lessor shall use reasonable efforts to restrict any loss of Lessee's service or interruption pursuant to this Section 3.02(a) to the hours of 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.
By Lessor. The costs of repairs and maintenance which are the --------- obligation Lessor under this Lease or which Lessor elects to perform under this Lease except such repairs and maintenance which are the responsibility of Lessee hereunder, shall be an Operating Expense, subject to the express provisions of Article 7 above limiting the inclusion of certain costs in Operating Expenses. Lessor shall repair and maintain the structural portions of the Building, including the basic plumbing, air conditioning, heating and electrical systems installed or furnished by Lessor, unless such maintenance or repairs are caused in part or in whole by the act, neglect, fault or omission of any duty by Lessee or Lessee's Agents, in which case Lessor shall pay to Lessor the reasonable cost of such maintenance or repairs as additional rent. Lessor shall not be liable for any failure to make any such repairs or to perform any maintenance for which Lessor is responsible as provided above unless Lessor fails to commence such work for a period of more than thirty (30) days after written notice of the need of such repairs or maintenance is given to Lessor by Lessee and the failure is due solely to causes within Lessor's reasonable control. Except as provided in Article 21 of this Lease, there shall be no statement of Rentals, and in any event them shall be no liability of Lessor by reason of any injury to or interference with Lessee's business arising from the making of any repairs, alterations or improvements in or to any portion of the Project or in or to fixtures, appurtenances and equipment therein. Lessee waives the benefits of any statute now or hereafter in effect (including, without limitation, the provisions of subsection 1 of Section 1932, Section 1941 and Section 1942 of the California Civil Code and any similar or dissimilar law, statute or ordinance now or hereafter in effect) which would otherwise afford Lessee the right to make repairs at Lessor's expense (or to deduct the cost of such repairs from Rentals due hereunder) or to terminate this Lease because of Lessor's failure to keep the Premises in good and sanitary order.
By Lessor. Lessor warrants and represents to TCAC that, to the best of Lessor’s knowledge, Lessor’s fee interest in the Property is free and clear of all liens, encumbrances, covenants, easements, licenses, judgments, or other matters of record except those shown as affecting the fee interest of the Property in that certain Policy of Title Insurance Final Report or, if one has not been issued, Preliminary Report regarding the Property issued on by , Order # , Policy No. (the “Report”). Lessor has not required or permitted, and has no knowledge of any other matters of record to be recorded that are not contained in the Report.
By Lessor. At the election of Lessor, the failure of Lessee to perform any material obligation according to the terms or provisions of this Agreement, which substantially affect the rights of the Lessor under this Agreement, shall constitute an event of default. Upon an event of default, Lessor shall give to Lessee written notice of default, specifying in reasonable detail the particular default or defaults relied on by Lessor. Lessee shall have thirty (30) days after receipt of Lessor’s notice in which to contest, cure, or commence to cure (and diligently thereafter proceed to cure) the alleged default or defaults. If Lessee contests that default occurred, it shall so advise Lessor in writing within thirty (30) days after receipt of Lessor’s notice. If, within fifteen (15) days after Lessor’s receipt of Lessee’s notice the Parties have not resolved the dispute by mutual agreement, the issue of default may be submitted to a court of competent jurisdiction, and Lessee shall not be deemed to be in default until the matter shall have been determined finally by the court and all appeals have been waived or exhausted and all periods for appeal have expired. If the judicial process results in a final finding of default, Lessee shall have thirty (30) days thereafter in which to cure or commence to cure (and diligently thereafter proceed to cure) the default. Upon Lessee’s failure to cure or commence to cure the default within the time periods allowed above, Lessor may declare, by written notice to Lessee, a termination of this Agreement. Lessor’s sole remedy shall be the recovery of actual compensatory damages, including attorneys fees.
By Lessor. Lessor may immediately terminate this Agreement upon the occurrence of any one of the following:
By Lessor. Subject to the availability of lawful appropriation and consistent with the New York State Court of Claims Act, Lessor shall hold the Lessee harmless from and indemnify it for any final judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction to the extent attributable to the negligence of Lessor or of its officers or employees when acting within the course and scope of their employment in connection with this Agreement.
By Lessor. Lessor represents and warrants to Lessee that Lessor has full authority to enter into and fulfill this Agreement and has taken all steps and has done all acts required by applicable law to permit Lessor to enter into and fulfill this Agreement, and upon execution, this Agreement shall become the legal, valid and binding obligation of Lessor, enforceable in accordance with its terms.