Other Operations definition

Other Operations means all businesses of the Borrower (other than the Tower Operations Business), including, without limitation, the video and data transmission and the site acquisition business.
Other Operations means all businesses (other than the Tower Operations) of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries, including, without limitation, to the extent not included in the Tower Operations, their Tower Site acquisition and Tower Site management businesses.
Other Operations means, for a specified period, (x) all amounts recorded by the Group as EBITDA for such period in accordance with GAAP, or the Group's pro-rata share of EBITDA for such period received through Minority Holdings (which are not consolidated in accordance with GAAP), minus (without duplication) (y) the aggregate amounts of Service Revenues, Annual EBITDA, Recurring Land Sales, and Management Fees that are included in such amounts of EBITDA for such period.

Examples of Other Operations in a sentence

  • Includes the Alcan group acquired in 2007, excluding Alcan Packaging which is shown as an 'Asset held for sale', and excluding Alcan Engineered Products which is shown as part of Other Operations', together with the aluminium businesses previously owned by Rio Tinto.

  • Other Operations includes corporate functions, R&D and technology development projects.

  • Other Operations include Rio Tinto’s 100 per cent interest in the Gove alumina refinery and Rio Tinto Marine.

  • We also have Other Operations, which includes the financial data for operations that are not directly related to the business segments.

  • Business segment information for the Company’s Distribution and All Other Operations business segments is presented below.

More Definitions of Other Operations

Other Operations all the other operations of the Group other than the Brand Operations prior to completion of the Restructuring
Other Operations means all the other operations of the Group as at the Effective Date other than the Brand Operations.
Other Operations shall have the meanings set forth in Paragraph 5(d) hereof
Other Operations and businesses not part of the Company's operations as at the date of this Agreement ("New Business"). The Company's independent auditors shall calculate annually the percentage of each target achieved for each of the three lines of business and shall thereafter determine an overall annual percentage therefor, weighted as follows: Revenue Growth Target Exclusive Health - 12% Other Operations - 9% New Business - 9% Membership Growth Target Exclusive Health - 12% Other Operations - 9% -3- 79 New Business - 9% EBITDA Target Exclusive Health - 16% Other Operations - 12% New Business - 12% ---- Total - 100% If no New Business is acquired by Admar during the term of this Agreement, then the relative weights attributed to Exclusive Health and Other Operations shall be adjusted pro rata. Similarly, if any lines of business are sold off during the term of the Agreement, the relative weights attributable to the remaining lines of business shall be adjusted pro rata.
Other Operations means any other operation in connection with the provision of Midstream Services not within the scope of the Initial Operations or Expanded Operations.
Other Operations means the operations of the Target Group other than the Brand Operations immediately prior to the Other Operations Extraction;
Other Operations. Permitted Liens," "Pro Forma Debt Service," "Request for Advance," "Restricted Payment," "Restricted Subsidiary," "Total Debt," "Tower Operation Business," "Unrestricted Subsidiary" and "Unrestricted Subsidiary Distributions" in their entirety and by substituting in lieu thereof each of the definitions set forth on Schedule 1 attached ---------- hereto.