Drinking Water Sample Clauses

Drinking Water. Where there is no local potable drinking water available, the Employer shall provide purified bottled water in sanitary containers.
Drinking Water. Adequate arrangement shall be made for the supply of drinking water. If practicable filtered and chlorinated supplies shall be arranged when supplies are from intermittent sources overhead storage tank shall be provided with capacity of five liters a person per day. Where the supply is to be made from a well, it shall conform to the sanitary standard laid down in the report of the Rural Sanitation Committee. The well should be at least 30 meters away from any latrine or other source of population. If possible, hand pump should be installed for drinking water from well. The well should be effectively disinfected once every month and the quality of water should be got tested at the public Health Institution between each work of disinfecting.
Drinking Water. Fresh cold water in clean container and sanitary drinking utensils shall be furnished by the Employer to Cement Masons on the general working area within one (1) hour of starting time.
Drinking Water. Employer shall provide filtered drinking water for employees.
Drinking Water. It is agreed that where there is no running tap water available, cool drinking water in approved sanitary containers shall be provided. Paper cups will be supplied.
Drinking Water. (For construction contracts in the Canal area). Unless otherwise indicated, the Contractor shall provide drinking water for his employees.
Drinking Water. Where there is no sanitary drinking water available, cool drinking water in approved sanitary containers shall be provided.
Drinking Water. The Contractor shall furnish cool and potable drinking water in sufficient quantities for the needs of the employees and make available sanitary drinking cups and adequate toilet facilities in accordance with California State Law.
Drinking Water. The employer shall provide for the use of employees a sufficient supply of wholesome refrigerated drinking water from bubble taps or other suitable drinking fountains.