Extension of Time Limits Sample Clauses

Extension of Time Limits. The Union and the Employer may by mutual agreement, in writing, extend the time limits mentioned above, provided such extension is requested prior to the expiry of the time allowed. However, failure to observe the time limitations herein, including the time to initiate a grievance, shall render the grievance void, excepting that when the recipient of the grievance fails to respond within the time limits prescribed in this Article, the grievance shall advance to the next step in the grievance procedure.
Extension of Time Limits. Any and all time limits set forth in Article 6 for the taking of action by either party or by an employee may be extended at any time by mutual agreement of the parties, which shall be confirmed in writing.
Extension of Time Limits. The time limits referred to in this Article may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties in writing.
Extension of Time Limits. The time limits stipulated in this procedure shall be mandatory except where extended by mutual agreement between the parties. Such agreement will not be unreasonably withheld.
Extension of Time Limits. At the request of either party to this agreement, it may be mutually agreed to extend the time limits specified herein.
Extension of Time Limits. 21.01 The time limits specified in this Agreement may, unless otherwise provided, be varied by agreement of the Parties.