A member of the Sample Clauses

A member of the. Bargaining Unit who has been granted a Child Rearing Leave may participate in District approved insurance programs provided the Member of the Bargaining Unit pays the necessary premiums for such insurance programs.
A member of the. Shop Committee or a Shop Xxxxxxx shall, after notice to his or her supervisor, be allowed to leave his or her job for attendance at the following meetings, where necessary and as indicated. Time spent in attendance at such meetings during his or her scheduled working hours shall be recorded and paid as provided in subsections (c) or (d) below.
A member of the bargaining unit who moves into a management position will retain bargaining unit seniority for a period of three (3) months, during which time the position is protected.

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  • Transfer of the General Partner’s General Partner Interest (a) Subject to Section 4.6(c) below, prior to June 30, 2015, the General Partner shall not transfer all or any part of its General Partner Interest (represented by General Partner Units) to a Person unless such transfer (i) has been approved by the prior written consent or vote of the holders of at least a majority of the Outstanding Common Units (excluding Common Units held by the General Partner and its Affiliates) or (ii) is of all, but not less than all, of its General Partner Interest to (A) an Affiliate of the General Partner (other than an individual) or (B) another Person (other than an individual) in connection with the merger or consolidation of the General Partner with or into such other Person or the transfer by the General Partner of all or substantially all of its assets to such other Person.

  • Transfer of the General Partner’s Partnership Interest (a) The General Partner shall not transfer all or any portion of its General Partnership Interest or withdraw as General Partner except as provided in, or in connection with a transaction contemplated by, Section 7.1(c), (d) or (e).

  • Transfer of the Property Any sale, lease, conveyance, assignment, pledge, encumbrance, or transfer of all or any part of the Property or any interest therein, voluntarily or involuntarily, whether by operation of law or otherwise, except: (i) sales or transfers of items of the Accessories which have become obsolete or worn beyond practical use and which have been replaced by adequate substitutes, owned by Mortgagor, having a value equal to or greater than the replaced items when new; and (ii) the grant, in the ordinary course of business, of a leasehold interest in a part of the Improvements to a tenant for occupancy, not containing a right or option to purchase and not in contravention of any provision of this Mortgage or of any other Loan Document. Mortgagee may, in its sole discretion, waive a default under this paragraph, but it shall have no obligation to do so, and any waiver may be conditioned upon such one or more of the following (if any) which Mortgagee may require: the grantee’s integrity, reputation, character, creditworthiness and management ability being satisfactory to Mortgagee in its sole judgment and grantee executing, prior to such sale or transfer, a written assumption agreement containing such terms as Mortgagee may require, a principal paydown on the Note, an increase in the rate of interest payable under the Note, a transfer fee, a modification of the term of the Note, and any other modification of the Loan Documents which Mortgagee may require. NOTICE - THE DEBT SECURED HEREBY IS SUBJECT TO CALL IN FULL IN THE EVENT OF SALE OR CONVEYANCE OF THE PROPERTY CONVEYED.

  • Transfer of Operations Purchaser shall be entitled to immediate possession of, and to exercise all rights arising under, the Assets from and after the time that the Restaurants open for business on the Closing Date, and operation of the Restaurants shall transfer at such time (the "Effective Time"). Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, all profits, losses, liabilities, claims, or injuries arising before the Effective Time shall be solely to the benefit or the risk of Seller. All such occurrences after the Effective Time shall be solely to the benefit or the risk of Purchaser. The risk of loss or damage by fire, storm, flood, theft, or other casualty or cause shall be in all respects upon Seller prior to the Effective Time and upon the Purchaser thereafter.

  • Successor General Partner Upon the occurrence of an event giving rise to a Withdrawal of a General Partner, any remaining General Partner, or, if there be no remaining General Partner, the Withdrawing General Partner or its legal representative, shall promptly notify the Special Limited Partner of such Withdrawal (the "Withdrawal Notice"). Whether or not the Withdrawal Notice shall have been sent as provided herein, the Special Limited Partner shall have the right to become a successor General Partner (and to become the successor managing General Partner if the Withdrawing General Partner was previously the managing General Partner). In order to effectuate the provisions of this Section 13.4 and the continuance of the Partnership, the Withdrawal of a General Partner shall not be effective until the expiration of 120 days from the date on which occurred the event giving rise to the Withdrawal, unless the Special Limited Partner shall have elected to become a successor General Partner as provided herein prior to expiration of such 120-day period, whereupon the Withdrawal of the General Partner shall be deemed effective upon the notification of all the other Partners by the Special Limited Partner of such election.

  • Substitute Members No transferee of all or part of a Member's Membership Interest shall become a substitute Member in place of the transferor unless and until:

  • Substitute Member An Assignee who has been admitted to all of the rights of membership pursuant to this Operating Agreement.

  • Transfer of the Shares Prior to the termination of this Agreement, except as otherwise provided or permitted herein, the Shareholder agrees not to: (a) Transfer any of the Shares or any right or interest therein; (b) enter into any contract, option or other agreement, arrangement or understanding with respect to any Transfer of Shares; (c) grant any proxy, power-of-attorney or other authorization for any of the Shares with respect to any matters described in Section 4.1; (d) deposit any of the Shares into a voting trust, or enter into a voting agreement or arrangement with respect to any of the Shares with respect to any matters described in Section 4.1; or (e) take any other action that is intended to restrict, limit or interfere with the performance of such Shareholder’s obligations hereunder or the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Transfer of General Partner’s Partnership Interest A. Except as provided in Section 11.2.B or Section 11.2.C, and subject to the rights of any Holder of any Partnership Interest set forth in a Partnership Unit Designation, the General Partner may not Transfer all or any portion of its Partnership Interest (whether by sale, disposition, statutory merger or consolidation, liquidation or otherwise) without the Consent of the Limited Partners. It is a condition to any Transfer of a Partnership Interest of a General Partner otherwise permitted hereunder (including any Transfer permitted pursuant to Section 11.2.B or Section 11.2.C) that: (i) coincident with such Transfer, the transferee is admitted as a General Partner pursuant to Section 12.1 hereof; (ii) the transferee assumes, by operation of law or express agreement, all of the obligations of the transferor General Partner under this Agreement with respect to such Transferred Partnership Interest; and (iii) the transferee has executed such instruments as may be necessary to effectuate such admission and to confirm the agreement of such transferee to be bound by all the terms and provisions of this Agreement with respect to the Partnership Interest so acquired and the admission of such transferee as a General Partner.

  • Transfer of Membership Interests (a) The Member may transfer its Membership Interest, in whole but not in part, but the transferee shall not be admitted as a Member except in accordance with Section 6.07. Until the transferee is admitted as a Member, the Member shall continue to be the sole member of the Company (subject to Section 1.02) and to be entitled to exercise any rights or powers of a Member of the Company with respect to the Membership Interest transferred.