Grievance Meetings Sample Clauses

Grievance Meetings. The Employer has discretion in scheduling Step 1 grievance meetings, provided that seventy-two (72) hours’ notice will be provided to the grievant and their representative prior to the date and time of the meeting. For panel grievances, every effort will be made to schedule the meeting during the grievant’s normal working hours. Grievance meetings held during off-duty hours of the grievant and/or representative will not be compensated.
Grievance Meetings. A maximum of two (2) employees (the grievant and/or Labor Council representative) per work shift shall be excused from work with pay to participate in a Step I, Step 2, or Step 3 grievance meeting. The employee(s) shall only be excused for the amount of time reasonably required to present the grievance, without loss of benefits or wages. The employee(s) shall not be paid for any time during which a grievance meeting occurs outside of the employee’s work shift.
Grievance Meetings. Meetings and discussions on the grievance, held in connection with this procedure, will be held at times mutually agreeable to the parties and will be during regular work hours.
Grievance Meetings. To the extent possible, all grievance meetings shall be scheduled during or contiguous to the employee’s normal working hours.
Grievance Meetings. 9.22 The parties agree on the desirability of holding regular meetings for resolution of grievances on a weekly basis. Such meetings should be agreed on mutually at the appropriate level to ensure that there is no delay in the resolution of grievances.
Grievance Meetings. Grievance meetings shall, except in cases of emergency, and wherever possible, be held out of working hours.
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Grievance Meetings. See Article 10.02.G.
Grievance Meetings. The Grievance Committee shall meet with management at such time as may be mutually acceptable and as will not conflict with operations. The individual filing the grievance must be present at every step of the process. Due to the nature of bus driving for school children and the problems caused by interruption of scheduled routes, Grievance Committee members must necessarily process grievances and attend grievance meetings during other than normal working hours.
Grievance Meetings. 1. Time of all grievance meetings shall be arranged to have as little loss of working time as possible. No pay or benefits shall be lost by the grievant or witnesses called by either party for the purpose of attending grievance meetings. A witness shall be excused from his/her academic and professional responsibilities and duties only at such times and on such dates as he/she is required to give testimony.
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