Union Activities Sample Clauses

Union Activities. If the Contract Amount is $50,000 or more, no Judicial Council funds received under this Agreement will be used to assist, promote or deter union organizing during the term of this Agreement (including any extension or renewal term).
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Union Activities. If the Contract Amount is $50,000 or more, no AOC funds received under this Agreement will be used to assist, promote or deter union organizing during the term of this Agreement (including any extension or renewal term).
Union Activities. (a) Any employee, member of the Union, acting in any official capacity whatsoever shall not be discriminated against for his/her acts as such officer of the Union so long as such acts do not interfere with the conduct of the Company’s business, nor shall there be any discrimination against any employee because of Union membership or activities.
Union Activities. The Union shall be permitted space to place bulletin boards on Company property. Such bulletin boards are to be used exclusively by the Union. The number of bulletin boards and their location shall be mutually agreed upon by the Union and the Company. Bulletin board material shall normally be restricted to the following:
Union Activities. The Union agrees that, except as specifically provided by the terms and provisions of this Agreement, employees shall not be permitted to engage in Union activities during working hours which interferes with the normal operations of the Employer and must not interfere with the progress of the work force.
Union Activities. Employees who are members of a Labor/Management Committee, Health and Safety Committee or other committees established in this Agreement shall, after giving reasonable notice to their supervisor, be permitted to attend such meetings. Unless mutually agreed otherwise, such meetings will be held during normal working hours. Time off shall include any time needed to travel to the committee meeting except that no overtime will be paid if the travel time extends beyond the normal work day. Reasonable time, not to exceed one (1) hour, shall be allowed during work hours of members of any committee established by this Agreement to caucus immediately before the meeting. Employee participation in grievance meetings shall be pursuant to Article 25.
Union Activities. Employees shall have the right to request leave without pay for the purpose of attending Union conventions, conferences, and meetings. When such requests cannot be granted, the supervisor shall provide such denial in writing.
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Union Activities. The parties agree to the primary principle that Union activities will normally be carried on outside of working hours. It is recognized, however, that there are reasonable limited deviations from this policy, such as posting of Union notices and distribution of Union literature, which do not require substantial periods of time. It is also recognized that from time to time it will be necessary for the investigation and settlement of grievances to be carried on during working hours. Shop stewards or Union officers shall notify their supervisors prior to performing such grievance-related activities. Such employees shall notify their immediate supervisors indicating the nature and expected duration of such absence. If the time cannot be granted due to operational necessity, the responsible supervisors shall arrange in a timely fashion for a mutually satisfactory time to perform the requested activity. Where such activities are necessarily or reasonably to be performed on City time, they may be done without loss of pay to the employees involved provided, however, such activities will be limited to the xxxxxxx and/or Union officer having direct responsibility for them.
Union Activities. The Union agrees there will be no union activities on the premises of the Colleges, except as specifically referred to in this Agreement or approved in writing by the College.
Union Activities. A. There shall be no discrimination against any employee because of Union membership. The Employer further agrees there shall be no discrimination against any Xxxxxxx of the Union as a result of their activities and performance of their responsibilities. The Union agrees that neither it nor its mem­ bers will engage in Union activities on the Employer’s time or in the Employer’s stores, provided, however, that representa­
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