Employees on the Sample Clauses

Employees on the seniority list who do not hold a full-time position will remain on the call-in list with benefits unless they are given a lay- off notice). Should a Call-In employee qualify for STD, he will receive 70% of his average weekly earnings. It will be the responsibility of the employee to remain available and able to be reached at all times between 6:00 and 8:00 and between 18:00 and 20:00, Monday through Friday. Employees unavailable on three (3) occasions when called during the specified period of time as mentioned above will be removed from the seniority list and will no longer be an employee of Tembec.
Employees on the. Day Shift working alternate weekends cover the overtime requirements for general and designated holidays, which fall on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Priority is given to the individual scheduled to work that weekend shift, then to the employee working the opposite weekend. Overtime for holidays which fall on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is available to employees by seniority booked to work in their classification.
Employees on the. Department payroll as of June 30, 1982, who have had a break in service, shall have their sick leave payoff computed as iftheir combined years of service were continuous and without break. For persons hired or rehired on July 1, 1982, or thereafter, the provisions of 10.11 shall be applied and any break in service shall not be bridged for the purpose of determining total years of service.
Employees on the second (2nd) and the third (3rd) shift may be representedby one (1) Xxxxxxx for each occupied area defined below. A Committeeperson shall function in his area as specifically provided in Step I of the Grievance Pro- cedure. The Plant Committee shall function as specifically provided in Step and Step of the Grievance Procedure.
Employees on the old paypoint 6.1 who translate to the new paypoint 6 remain at the new paypoint for 12 months from translation. This date will become the new date for paypoint advancement for those employees.
Employees on the. Recall List shall have first rights to any vacancy in their former job classification or to a similar classification for which the employee is qualified, and the Employer will not hire for, transfer to, or promote to such a classification while an eligible employee is on the Recall List.
Employees on the. Call List who cannot be reached or refuse to report when called during the call time schedule listed in 2-b will be subject to the Absenteeism Policy. a. Employees who cannot be reached for more than three (3) consecutive days will be sent a letter asking them if they wish to continue their employment. Employees failing to respond to the letter within five (5) calendar will be discharged.

Related to Employees on the

  • Terms of Employment The Company and the Employee agree that the Employee’s employment is “at will” and that their employment relationship may be terminated by either party at any time, with or without cause, and, if applicable, in accordance with Section 2 below. If the Employee’s employment with the Company terminates for any reason following a Change in Control, but on or before the first anniversary of the Change in Control, the Employee shall not be entitled to any payments, benefits, damages, awards or compensation other than as provided by this Agreement. During his or her employment with the Company, the Employee agrees to devote his or her full business time, energy and skill to his or her duties with the Company. These duties shall include, but not be limited to, any duties consistent with the Employee’s position that may be assigned to the Employee from time to time by the Company or the Board.

  • Types of Employment 10.1 Employees under this Agreement may be employed in any one of the following employment categories: