Subscription Period Sample Clauses

Subscription Period. 5.1.1 The Subscription Period is binding upon both EFI and the Customer, meaning the Customer cannot terminate the Service, the Customer Care and this SAAS Agreement during a Subscription Period. Not- withstanding the above, the Customer can terminate the Subscription due to a material breach of EFI, cf. Section 10.5, or if a material change to the terms and conditions of the SAAS Agreement comes into force, cf. Section 14.5, and if the Customer is not in breach of the SAAS Agreement, EFI will refund a pro-rata portion of the Subscription Fees for the remaining un-used period of the Service and Customer Care.
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Subscription Period the Initial Subscription together with any Renewal(s).
Subscription Period. The term of your subscription (the “Subscription Period”) will be as stated in your purchase or renewal confirmation receipt or email (e.g. the purchase or confirmation email that you will receive from us upon purchase of your subscription to our Services).
Subscription Period. The period nominally covered by the volumes and issues of the Licensed Material as identified in Schedule 2, regardless of the actual date of publication.
Subscription Period. The Subscription Period under each Order Form begins on the Subscription Start Date (as defined in the applicable Order Form) and ends upon the expiration of the Subscription Period as set forth in the applicable Order Form. Except as otherwise specified in an Order Form, upon expiration of the Subscription Period under an Order Form, Subscriber’s right to access and use the Subscription pursuant to that Order Form expires. iCIMS may require the Subscription Period under any subsequent Order Form to end on the same date as the Subscription Period under the first Order Form (or subsequent renewal), so that all Subscription Periods share the same expiration date, and in such event iCIMS will prorate the fees for the Subscription Period of each Order Form accordingly.
Subscription Period. The KNIME Software is offered to Customers on a Subscription basis. During the Subscription Period, as specified on a KNIME Invoice or KNIME Order Acknowledgement, KNIME shall make the Software available to Customer pursuant to the terms of this agreement. All rights not expressly granted to Customer are reserved by KNIME and its licensors. The Subscription Period shall be noted on KNIME’s Invoice or Order Acknowledgement.
Subscription Period. The “Subscription Period” will be for the duration set forth in the Order Form. Following the end of the Subscription Period, the Order Form will automatically expire. Parties may mutually agree in writing, in a new Order Form, to renew this Agreement for one or more additional periodsRenewal Period” .
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Subscription Period. Each Order Form will start on the Subscription Start Date, continue for the Subscription Period, and automatically renew for additional Subscription Periods unless one party gives notice of non-renewal to the other party before the Non- Renewal Notice Date.
Subscription Period. The Rights Offering will commence on the Subscription Commencement Date and will expire on the Subscription Expiration Deadline. Each Noteholder intending to purchase Offered Securities in the Rights Offering must affirmatively elect to exercise its Subscription Rights in the manner set forth in the Rights Offering Instructions (consistent herewith, including as described in Section 5 hereof) on or prior to the Subscription Expiration Deadline and must pay for any exercised Subscription Rights by the applicable deadline. Any exercise (including payment by any Noteholder that is not a Backstop Party) of Subscription Rights after the Subscription Expiration Deadline will not be allowed and any purported exercise received by the Subscription Agent after the Subscription Expiration Deadline, regardless of when the documents or payment relating to such exercise were sent, will not be honored. The Subscription Expiration Deadline may be extended by the Debtors with the consent of the Required Consenting Noteholders or as required by law. Any such extension will be followed by a public announcement thereof no later than 9:00 a.m. (Prevailing Eastern Time) on the next Business Day after the previously scheduled Subscription Expiration Deadline.
Subscription Period. The minimum license subscription period shall be 12 months, unless other is individually agreed by Parties in the Purchase Order.
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