Service Agreement definition

Service Agreement. The documents that constitute all of Your rights and responsibilities as a Service Agreement holder; which consist of these terms and conditions and Your Declaration Page.
Service Agreement means, as of a particular date, any employment, consulting or similar service agreement, including, without limitation, management continuity agreement, then in effect between the Grantee, on the one hand, and the Company or one of its affiliates, on the other hand, as amended or supplemented through such date.

Examples of Service Agreement in a sentence

  • A Subscribing LEA, by signing a separate Service Agreement with Provider, and by its signature below, accepts the General Offer of Privacy Terms.

  • Except as described in this paragraph herein, all other provisions of the Service Agreement shall remain in effect.

  • Provider agrees to require and maintain an appropriate confidentiality agreement from each employee or agent with access to Student Data pursuant to the Service Agreement.

  • Provider shall require all of Provider’s employees and agents who have access to Student Data to comply with all applicable provisions of this DPA with respect to the Student Data shared under the Service Agreement.

  • In the event there is conflict between the terms of the DPA and the Service Agreement, Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, or with any other bid/RFP, license agreement, or writing, the terms of this DPA shall apply and take precedence.

More Definitions of Service Agreement

Service Agreement means this Client Agreement with all the Terms and Conditions of Business, the Customer Categorization Policy, the Investor Compensation Fund document, the Risk Disclosure Notice, the Services Offered document, the Conflict of Interest Policy, the Order Execution and Best Interest Policy, the Deposit and Withdrawals Policy and any other relevant information that is contained within the Company’s website, including but not limited to the information contained within the Legal Information / Documents sections as amended from time to time and as presented on the Company’s website(s).
Service Agreement means each agreement by which the Service Agent agrees with the Manager and the Trustee to provide its services entered amongst the Trustee, the Manager, the Registrar, the Participating Dealer, the Service Agent and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited.
Service Agreement means any employment, severance, consulting or similar agreement between the Company or any of its Affiliates and a Participant.
Service Agreement means each agreement by which the Service Agent provides its services in respect of a Sub-Fund entered amongst the Trustee, the Manager, the Registrar, the Participating Dealer, the PD Agent (where applicable), the Service Agent and HKSCC.
Service Agreement means (i) where you place an order with us by telephone, the confirmation of order accompanying these Conditions for Communications, or (ii) where you place a written order, the document you sign when you become our customer, in each case detailing, amongst other things, the Services you wish to receive, the minimum period you wish to receive the Services for and the Tariff at which you will be charged and which forms part of this Agreement.
Service Agreement means the Health Service Provider Service Agreement 2017–18 between the Parties and as amended from time-to-time including all schedules and annexures