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Description. 6.1.1 Qwest shall offer for resale at wholesale rates any Telecommunications Services that it provides at retail to subscribers who are not Telecommunications Carriers, subject to the terms and conditions of this Section. All Qwest retail Telecommunications Services are available for resale from Qwest pursuant to the Act and will include terms and conditions (except prices) in Qwest's applicable product Tariffs, catalogs, price lists, or other retail Telecommunications Services offerings. To the extent, however, that a conflict arises between the terms and conditions of the Tariff, catalog, price list, or other retail Telecommunications Services offering and this Agreement, this Agreement shall be controlling.
Description. This Section 7.2 addresses the exchange of traffic between CLEC's network and Qwest's network. Where either Party interconnects and delivers traffic to the other from third parties, each Party shall bill such third parties the appropriate charges pursuant to its respective Tariffs or contractual offerings for such third party terminations. Unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties, via an amendment to this Agreement, the Parties will directly exchange traffic between their respective networks without the use of third party transit providers.
Description. 8.1.1 Collocation allows for the placing of equipment by CLEC at Qwest's Premises, where Technically Feasible, that is necessary for accessing Unbundled Network Elements (UNEs), ancillary services or Interconnection. Collocation includes the leasing to CLEC of physical space in Qwest Premises, as well as the resources necessary for the operation and economical use of collocated equipment, such as the use by CLEC of power; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); and cabling in Qwest's Premises. Collocation also allows CLEC to access Interconnection Distribution Frames (ICDF) for the purpose of accessing and combining Unbundled Network Elements and accessing ancillary services. There are currently nine (9) standard types of Collocation available pursuant to this AgreementVirtual, Caged Physical, Shared Caged Physical, Cageless Physical, Interconnection Distribution Frame, Adjacent, Common Area Splitter, Remote and Facility Connected. Other types of Collocation may be requested through the BFR process.
Description. TLO and Customer shall enter into one or more terminal service orders for the Terminal substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit 1 (each, a “Terminal Service Order”). Upon a request by Customer pursuant to this Agreement or as deemed necessary or appropriate by TLO in connection with the services to be delivered pursuant hereto, TLO shall generate a Terminal Service Order to set forth the specific terms and conditions for providing the applicable services described therein and the applicable fees to be charged for such services. No Terminal Service Order shall be effective until fully executed by both TLO and Customer.
Description. The VESSEL shall have the BUILDER's Hull No. ****** and shall be designed, constructed, equipped and completed in accordance with the specifications dated September 29, 2009 (No. ******), the addendum dated November 11, 2009 (No. ******) and the general arrangement plan dated September 29, 2009 (No. ******) attached thereto (hereinafter called respectively the "SPECIFICATIONS" and the "PLAN") signed by both parties, which shall constitute an integral part of this CONTRACT although not attached hereto. The SPECIFICATIONS and the PLAN are intended to explain each other and anything shown on the PLAN and not stipulated in the SPECIFICATIONS or anything stipulated in the SPECIFICATIONS and not shown on the PLAN shall be deemed and considered as if included in both. Should there be any inconsistencies or contradictions between the SPECIFICATIONS and the PLAN, the SPECIFICATIONS shall prevail. Should there be any inconsistencies or contradictions between this CON IRACT and the SPECIFICATIONS, the SPECIFICATIONS shall prevail as regards all technical respects and this CONTRACT shall prevail in all other respects.