Service Information definition

Service Information means information concerning the Services provided by the Contractor to the Authority in accordance with Clause 32.1 for inclusion in the Authority's catalogue and/or any Beneficiary's catalogue from time to time;
Service Information has the meaning set forth in Section II.12 of this Agreement.
Service Information means all information concerning the Goods specified in a Services Document, supplied by Customer to CTI or requested by CTI for the performance of the Services.

Examples of Service Information in a sentence

  • The FAA is issuing this AD after evaluating all known relevant information and determining that the unsafe condition described previously is likely to exist or develop on other helicopters of the same type design.Related Service Information Under 1 CFR Part 51The FAA reviewed Leonardo Helicopters Alert Service Bulletin No. 119–094, dated November 15, 2018.

  • Service Information ConfigfilesInternetModelED SkollMachineTargseyttesdtedistrib mFBGML CScript Benchmarkfiles InformationIDL .cppOCML Figure 5: Alleviating C&C Patterns Validation Challenges via DCQA ProcessesA.

  • The Service Information Center (SIC) administers the market’s services, and mediates client requests for services and the actual service modules.

  • APPENDIX B: Formatting Instructions for Water Service Information Within sixty (60) calendar days of receipt of the electronic formatting instructions from EPA, all water service information shall be submitted in that format.

  • Information on inert ingredients can be found in Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and the U.S. Forest Service Information Ventures, Inc.

More Definitions of Service Information

Service Information means data that is input, transmitted, or output via the Gateway Service, including but not limited to user data, search criteria, PMP Data, and Analytics, and any other controlled substance prescription related services provided by Service Provider.
Service Information means details of the Service and/or any Additional Service to be provided by us as set out in either the: (i) Order Confirmation; (ii) online sign up process; or (iii) Service Description and if there is a conflict between them, the order of precedence shall be as listed (first to last);
Service Information means information about your Third-Party Accounts, data, passwords, user names, PINs, other log-in information, materials and other content you submit to us through Money Manager, together with information that we create or compile about your use of the Service or that relates to your use of the Service.
Service Information means information about your third party accounts, data, passwords, user names, PINs, other login information, materials and other content you submit to use through Spending, together with information that we create or compile about your use of Spending or that relates to your use of Spending.
Service Information means any statement, document or other form of communication, whether verbally or in writing, which contains information that may affect Carrier’s ability to lawfully or safely perform the Services;
Service Information is defined in Section 11(c)(i).
Service Information means information necessary or useful to us in providing the Cooper Lighting Products to you (e.g., Cooper Lighting Products you use and how/when you use them). This information is used by us for operation of the Cooper Lighting Products, to provide services or information to you, to maintain the quality of our products and services, and to provide general statistics regarding use of the Cooper Lighting Products. We may also use Service Information for customer support, Cooper Lighting Product restoration, research and development activities for new products and services, and other similar purposes. Finally, we may provide certain Service Information to selected third parties, such as our business partners (e.g., for inbound API calls such as from cloud-based voice assistants), to improve the Cooper Lighting Products or the services we provide, for marketing purposes, or other related purposes.