In Section 2 Sample Clauses

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In Section 2. 3.1 of the Agreement, the reference to “(i) February 1, 2010” is hereby deleted and replaced with “(i) March 19, 2010” and the reference to “April 30, 2010” is hereby deleted and replaced with “May 7, 2010”.
In Section 2. 2.1., “Employment Period” shall mean the full period for which the Employment Period would have continued under Section 4.1. in the event of any termination of the employment of the Executive which is not an improper termination as defined in Section 4.3.1.
In Section 2. INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS (ITT) Clause 29 (Pg No.16) published earlier may be read as:
In Section 2. 5, a statistical analysis of participation in PASR and FP7 Security Research (including SME participation) is then presented.
In Section 2. 1.6(a) of the Agreement, references to “On or before December 31, 2009” and “On or before January 15, 2010” are hereby deleted and replaced with “On or before the date of Amendment No. 3 or such later date as agreed in writing (including by e-mail exchanged between authorized representatives of the Parties)” effective as of November 24, 2009.
In Section 2. 15(a) of the Existing Credit Agreement, replace the wordsIncremental Term Commitment” with the words “Incremental Term Loan Commitments”.
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In Section 2. 14(a) of the Credit Agreement, the existing reference to “$1,250,000,000.00” is hereby deleted in its entirety, and a new reference to “$1,300,000,000.00” is hereby inserted in its place and stead.
In Section 2. 7. Add “and Option Securities” after each reference toDesignated Securities” in Section 2(a) of the Basic Provisions.
In Section 2. 02. It is understood and agreed that the obligation of the Company to provide such substitution or to make such repurchase of any affected Mortgage Loan or Mortgage Loans or any property acquired in respect thereof as to which a breach has occurred and is continuing shall constitute the sole remedy respecting such breach available to the Holders of the REMIC I Regular Interests and the Class R-1 Certificateholders or the Trustee on behalf of the Holders of the REMIC I Regular Interests and the Class R-1 Certificateholders.
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