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Terms and Conditions. Contractor accepts the Solicitation terms and conditions unless specifically noted by exceptions advanced in the form and manner directed in the Solicitation, if any, under which this Contract was awarded. Contractor agrees that all exceptions to the Solicitation, as well as terms and conditions advanced by Contractor that differ in any manner from HHS’ terms and conditions, if any, are rejected unless expressly accepted by System Agency in writing.
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Terms and Conditions. Contractor acknowledges that it has read and agrees to all terms and conditions included in this Contract.
Terms and Conditions. Labor Law Acknowledgment The following provision supplements Section 12 of the Agreement: In accepting the Award, the Recipient consents to participate in the Plan and acknowledges that he or she has received a copy of the Plan. The Recipient understands and agrees that the Company has unilaterally, gratuitously and discretionally decided to grant the Award under the Plan to individuals who may be employees of the Company and any Affiliates throughout the world. The decision is a limited decision that is entered into upon the express assumption and condition that any grant will not economically or otherwise bind the Company or any Affiliates, over and above the specific terms of the Plan. Consequently, the Recipient understands that the Award is granted on the assumption and condition that the Award and any Shares issued under the Plan are not part of any employment contract (either with the Company or any Affiliates) and shall not be considered a mandatory benefit, salary for any purposes (including severance compensation) or any other right whatsoever. In addition, the Recipient understands that the Award would not be granted to the Recipient but for the assumptions and conditions referred to herein; thus, the Recipient acknowledges and freely accepts that should any or all of the assumptions be mistaken or should any of the conditions not be met for any reason, then the grant of the Award and any right to the Award shall be null and void. Further, the vesting of the Award is expressly conditioned on the Recipient’s continued employment, such that upon termination of employment, the Award may cease vesting immediately, effective on the date of the Recipient’s termination of employment (unless otherwise specifically provided in the Agreement and/or the Plan). In particular, the Recipient understands and agrees that any unreleased Awards as of the date the Recipient is no longer actively employed or in service (unless otherwise specifically provided in the Agreement and/or the Plan) will be forfeited without entitlement to the underlying Shares or to any amount of indemnification in the event of termination of the Recipient’s employment by reason of, but not limited to, resignation, retirement, disciplinary dismissal adjudged to be with cause, disciplinary dismissal adjudged or recognized to be without cause, individual or collective dismissal adjudged or recognized to be without cause, individual or collective dismissal on objective grounds, whether adjud...
Terms and Conditions. Freight All quotes to members shall provide a line item for cost for freight or shipping regardless if there is a charge or not. If no charge for freight or shipping, indicate by stating “No Charge” or “$0” or other similar indication. Otherwise, all shipping, freight or delivery changes shall be passed through to the TIPS Member at cost with no markup and said charges shall be agreed by the TIPS Member.
Terms and Conditions. Freight All deliveries shall be freight prepaid, F.O.B. destination and shall be included in all pricing offered unless otherwise clearly stated in writing. Warranty Conditions All supplies equipment and services shall include manufacturer's minimum standard warranty unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Vendor shall be an authorized dealer, distributor or manufacturer for all products. All equipment proposed shall be new unless clearly stated in writing. Customer Support The Vendor shall provide timely and accurate customer support to TIPS members. Vendors shall respond to such requests within one (1) working day after receipt of the request. Vendor shall provide training regarding products and services supplied by the Vendor unless otherwise clearly stated in writing at the time of purchase. (Unless training is a line item sold or packaged and must be purchased with product.) Contracts All contracts and agreements between Vendors and TIPS Members shall strictly adhere to the statutes that are set forth in the Uniform Commercial Code as most recently revised. Contracts for purchase will normally be put into effect by means of a purchase order(s) executed by authorized agents of the participating government entities. Xxxxx Xxxxx Act requirements will be met when Federal Funds are used for construction and/or repair of buildings. Tax exempt status A taxable item sold, leased, rented to, stored, used, or consumed by any of the following governmental entities is exempted from the taxes imposed by this chapter:(1) the United States; (2) an unincorporated instrumentality of the United States; (3) a corporation that is an agency or instrumentality of the United States and is wholly owned by the United States or by another corporation wholly owned by the United States;(4) the State of Texas; (5) a Texas county, city, special district, or other political subdivision; or (6) a state, or a governmental unit of a state that borders Texas, but only to the extent that the other state or governmental unit exempts or does not impose a tax on similar sales of items to this state or a political subdivision of this state. Texas Tax Code § 151.309. Assignments of contracts No assignment of contract may be made without the prior written approval of TIPS. Payment can only be made to the awarded Vendor or vendor assigned dealer. Disclosures
Terms and Conditions. This Option is subject to the following terms and conditions:
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Terms and Conditions. Transport and Termination of Exchange Service (EAS/Local) Traffic
Terms and Conditions. The materials you have requested permission to reproduce or reuse (the "Wiley Materials") are protected by copyright. You are hereby granted a personal, non-exclusive, non-sub licensable (on a stand- alone basis), non-transferable, worldwide, limited license to reproduce the Wiley Materials for the purpose specified in the licensing process. This license, and any CONTENT (PDF or image file) purchased as part of your order, is for a one-time use only and limited to any maximum distribution number specified in the license. The first instance of republication or reuse granted by this license must be completed within two years of the date of the grant of this license (although copies prepared before the end date may be distributed thereafter). The Wiley Materials shall not be used in any other manner or for any other purpose, beyond what is granted in the license. Permission is granted subject to an appropriate acknowledgement given to the author, title of the material/book/journal and the publisher. You shall also duplicate the copyright notice that appears in the Wiley publication in your use of the Wiley Material. Permission is also granted on the understanding that nowhere in the text is a previously published source acknowledged for all or part of this Wiley Material. Any third party content is expressly excluded from this permission. With respect to the Wiley Materials, all rights are reserved. Except as expressly granted by the terms of the license, no part of the Wiley Materials may be copied, modified, adapted (except for minor reformatting required by the new Publication), translated, reproduced, transferred or distributed, in any form or by any means, and no derivative works may be made based on the Wiley Materials without the prior permission of the respective copyright owner.For STM Signatory Publishers clearing permission under the terms of the STM Permissions Guidelines only, the terms of the license are extended to include subsequent editions and for editions in other languages, provided such editions are for the work as a whole in situ and does not involve the separate exploitation of the permitted figures or extracts, You may not alter, remove or suppress in any manner any copyright, trademark or other notices displayed by the Wiley Materials. You may not license, rent, sell, loan, lease, pledge, offer as security, transfer or assign the Wiley Materials on a stand-alone basis, or any of the rights granted to you hereunder to any other person....
Terms and Conditions. The Calculation Agent accepts its obligations herein set out upon the terms and conditions hereof, including the following, to all of which the Company agrees:
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