Political subdivision definition

Political subdivision means a city, village, town or county.
Political subdivision means a county, township, municipal corporation, or any other body corporate and politic that is responsible for government activities in a geographic area smaller than that of the state.
Political subdivision means a county, city, village or town.

Examples of Political subdivision in a sentence

  • Political subdivision licensing data.Classifies as private/nonpublic tax returns or bank account statements submitted to a political subdivision as part of an application for a license.

  • Item NumberEstimated # of Units Classification:1AA40SEDAN – COMPACT - GASOLINE3AA20VAN – COMPACT – 7 PASSENGER – GASOLINE NOTE: Political subdivision purchases are not includ ed in the figures shown above.

  • Political subdivision" means a county, consolidated municipal-county government, municipality, special purpose district, or any other unit of government, except school districts, having authority to hold an election.

  • Political subdivision" means a county; city and county; city; town; service authority;school district; local improvement district; law enforcement authority; urban renewal authority; city or county housing authority; water, sanitation, fire protection, metropolitan, irrigation, drainage, or other special district; or any other kind of municipal, quasi-municipal, or public corporation organized pursuant to law.

More Definitions of Political subdivision

Political subdivision means a city, county, township, or school district.
Political subdivision means any county, city, town, school district, community reinvestment agency, special improvement or taxing district, local district, special service district, an entity created by an interlocal agreement adopted under Title 11, Chapter 13, Interlocal Cooperation Act, or other governmental subdivision or public corporation.
Political subdivision means any county, city, or town, any political entity, subdivision, branch, or
Political subdivision means any city, village, town, or county.
Political subdivision means any agency or unit of this state which now is, or hereafter shall be, authorized to levy taxes or empowered to cause taxes to be levied.
Political subdivision means a county, consolidated municipal-county government, municipality,
Political subdivision means a city, village, other incorporated political subdivision, county, school district, community college, intermediate school district, township, charter township, special district or authority.