Other Languages Sample Clauses

Other Languages. The HCA must be prepared to communicate with non-English speaking Applicants in providing the services contemplated under this Contract. To that end, the HCA either must have staff fluent in the language of any such Applicant or use interpreter services to ensure that such Applicant has access to the services and programs contemplated under this Contract.
Other Languages. These terms is made in the English language. It may be translated to other languages for convenience only and in the event of any inconsistency the English language version will prevail.
Other Languages. This enrollment agreement is also available in Spanish. By clicking the box that states "I have read and accept the consent and terms and conditions" you hereby indicate your understanding and agreement to the following: ▪ I have read, reviewed, and understand the processes associated with the health screening and HRA activities provided with the Service as described in this Agreement. ▪ I understand that ORTHUS HEALTH and other authorized entities will have access to my personal information as described in this Agreement, the ORTHUS HEALTH Privacy Policy available here, and the Terms of Use available here. ▪ My participation in my employer’s wellness program and use of the Services is completely voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time. ▪ I am 18 years old or older and have legal authority to execute this Agreement.
Other Languages. The General Assembly may adopt other languages, provided the costs thereof are borne by the Members.
Other Languages. The English language edition of this and other GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) documents are the original editions. GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) documents will be translated into other languages and published on the GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) website. Once published, these official GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) documents will be the only ones that may be used for GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) certification in that language. Translated documents will be identified as having normative status after a thorough translation review. Until the translations reach the normative status, the sentenceplease refer to the English version in case of doubt” will be written on each sheet of the translated documents, in the respective language. Accreditation may be sought and obtained by CBs in other languages only against documents with normative status recognized in this way.
Other Languages. The Contractor shall have the ability and competency to provide telephonic and/or on- site interpreter services in additional languages. The Contractor shall submit in bid documents a list of all of the additional languages (minimum of 20) with the capability of providing personal on-site Interpretation and Telephonic Interpretation services.
Other Languages. The following other programming languages were suggested for imple- menting Pvote:• BitC• CCured• Cyclone• JavaJoe-E (subset of Java)• AdaSPARK Ada (subset of Ada)• MLIn addition, JML (Java Modelling Language) declarations could be added to an implementation in Java or Joe-E, and verified by a static checker such as ESC/Java2.Porting Pvote to Joe-E would help reviewers reason about stateless- ness and determinism (e. g., statelessness of the Ballot constructor or determinism of the verifier).There is a trade-off here between choosing a well-known language (with a large community of potential code reviewers) and a more obscure language with verification features. The importance of public confidence in the election affects this trade-off.
Other Languages. This Agreement is made in the English language. It may be translated to other languages for convenience only and in such cases the English language version will apply.
Other Languages. The availability of language support in languages other than English is at the sole discretion of the COMPANY and is presently limited to language support in Russian.
Other Languages. 1010211] Abkhazian, [1011202] Albanian, [1011205] Aleut, [1011207] Algonquian languages, [1011407] English, Old (ca.450‐1100), [1011601] Apache languages, [1011807] Aragonese, [1011813] Armenian, [1011814] Mapudungun; Mapuche, [1011816] Arapaho, [1011823] Arawak, [1012008] Athapascan lan‐guages, [1012119] Australian languages, [1012201] Avaric, [1012513] Aymara, [1012605] Azerbaijani,