This state definition

This state means the State of West Virginia.
This state means the state in which the relevant tax return is filed or, in the case of application of this article to the apportionment and allocation of income for local tax purposes, the subdivision or local taxing district in which the relevant tax return is filed.
This state or "the State" means the State of Ohio. (ORC 1.59(G))

Examples of This state in a sentence

  • The child and the child's parents, or the child and at least one parent or a person acting as a parent, have a significant connection with this State other than mere physical presence; and• b.

  • For millennia Aboriginal people thrived as the custodians of the land and waters of this State.

  • The public policy of this State, reflected in the considered decision of the Tennessee General Assembly to enact Tenn.

  • I am proceeding with my travel plans notwithstanding this State Department Warning and suggestion made to me by University and Department officials that I defer this travel until a lower level of alert for ________________ is reinstated by the U.S. Department of State.

  • Unless specifically prohibited or limited 34 by federal or State law, any carrier that offers a managed care plan 35 in this State shall provide coverage for health care services that are 36 delivered to a covered person through the use of telemedicine, to 37 the same extent that the services would be covered if they were 38 delivered through in-person means or methods.

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This state means this state or any department, agency, board, commission, fund, corporation, or authority of this state.
This state means the state in which the relevant tax return is filed or, in the case of
This state means the State of South Carolina.
This state means the State of Western Australia. (2) The Corporations (Western Australia) Act 1990, and the applicable provisions of Western Australia within the meaning of that Act, are prescribed for the purposes of section 65 (4) of the Financial Institutions (Western Australia) Code. [Section 10 amended by No. 2 of 1999 s.20(b).]
This state means Singapore.
This state means the State of North Carolina.
This state means the state of West Virginia.