This state definition

This state means the state in which the relevant tax return is filed or, in the case of application of this article to the apportionment and allocation of income for local tax purposes, the subdivision or local taxing district in which the relevant tax return is filed.
This state means the State of West Virginia.
This state or "the State" means the State of Ohio. (ORC 1.59(G))

Examples of This state in a sentence

  • This state of well being reflects balance and harmony in the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental aspects of life.

  • It might feel like you are “going crazy.” This state of confusion is temporary.

  • This state of affairs clashed with ‘the consciousness of Nepalis who – even in rural areas – increasingly [saw] themselves as sovereign rights holders.

  • This state of affairs is represented by a hysterisis diagram, as shown in figure 6.Figure 6: Diagram Representing the Property of Hysterisis That Is Characteristic of Dissipative Structures A candle flame, for instance, will only emerge when the temperature of the system exceeds T2 and remains present as T increases.

  • And even when the Court did apply the reasonableness standard, it often resembled what David Mullan calls “disguised correctness review,”46 because the Court would first determine how it would have decided the matter (all things considered) and then proceed to consider whether an administrative decision was sufficiently proximate to the court’s to warrant judicial restraint.47 This state of affairs often produced conflicted or confused judicial opinions.

More Definitions of This state

This state means this state or any department, agency, board, commission, fund, corporation, or authority of this state.
This state means the state in which the relevant tax return is filed or, in the case of
This state means the State of South Carolina.
This state means the State of Western Australia. (2) The Corporations (Western Australia) Act 1990, and the applicable provisions of Western Australia within the meaning of that Act, are prescribed for the purposes of section 39 (2) of the AFIC (Western Australia) Code. [Section 7 amended by No. 2 of 1999 s.20(a).]
This state means the State of North Carolina.
This state means Rhode Island.
This state means Singapore.