Possession of Sample Clauses

Possession of. Common Area and Facilities to RWA- It shall be the responsibility of the Promoter to handover the necessary documents and plan, including common areas to the Maintenance Association within thirty days after obtaining the completion certificate.
Possession of the Property shall be given to Buyer at the Closing subject to the rights of tenants under Exis ng Leases. See Paragraph 30 of Addendum to Purchase and Sale Agreement.
Possession of child pornography is a federal crime. In March of 2019 a Greer, SC man was sentenced in federal court to 10 yrs in federal prison after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography. Since this is considered sexual exploitation of a child/children even though the victim may not be known and it may not involve actual physical interaction with a child, I would consider it a mandated reporting issue. In any of the above situations, I would only reveal the least amount of information necessary to protect the other person and not tell everything you have told me. If any of these situations might be an issue for you, please let us discuss the legal aspects in detail and do this before you tell me any information on these topics.
Possession of. (1) a graduate degree, (2) a major, (3) a minor in the 4 field to be assigned. Majors and minors are defined as those listed 5 on the credential and recorded at the County Office of Education.
Possession of the Property shall be delivered to Buyer upon delivery of the deed from Sellers at Closing.
Possession of a Security Clearance may be required of Contractor and any employee of Contractor who will be assigned to this project. If XXXXX COUNTY determines that any such Security Clearance is required, XXXXX COUNTY will conduct any required background checks at its own expense.
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Possession of the Assets and all originals and copies of all agreements, instruments, documents, deeds, books, records, files and other data and information within the possession of the Company pertaining to the Business ;
Possession of. Second Party quality system approvals (major customers) and or other Third Party quality system approvals (equivalent or superior to the ISO 9000 series), will greatly assist the approval process. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVISION NO. | DOCUMENT ID: | 5 QRSM | | PAGE NO. 4 OF | 15065980 | 10 ----------------- THOMSON MULTI MEDIA FAMILY CODE ----------------- | D60000 | ----------------- These drawings and specifications are the property of THOMSON MULTI MEDIA and shall not be reproduced or copied, or used as the basis for the manufacture or sale of apparatus or devices without permission. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Refer to Supplier Approval Process flow chart, attachment `A.'
Possession of the Property shall be delivered to Buyer on the Closing Date, provided, however, that prior to the Closing Date Seller shall afford authorized representatives of Buyer reasonable access to the Property for purposes of satisfying Buyer with respect to the representations, warranties and covenants of Seller contained herein and with respect to satisfaction of any Condition Precedent. Buyer shall maintain, and shall ensure that its contractors maintain, not less than $1,000,000 comprehensive general liability coverage written on an occurrence basis and reasonably adequate to insure against all liability of Buyer and its agents, employees or contractors, arising out of any entry or inspections of the Property pursuant to the provisions hereof and naming Seller as an additional insured. Buyer shall provide Seller with certificates of such insurance coverage prior to any entry onto the Property by Buyer or its employees, agents or contractors. Seller shall reasonably (except in the case of Phase II testing where Seller shall approve or disapprove such testing in its sole and absolute discretion) approve or disapprove any proposed environmental testing within two (2) business days after receipt of a request from Buyer concerning the same. If Seller fails to respond within two (2) business days after receipt of such notice, Seller shall be deemed to have denied such request. If Seller denies Buyer the right to perform Phase II testing on the Property, Buyer may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice thereof to Seller prior to the expiration of the Due Diligence Period, in which case this Agreement shall terminate and all of the Phase I Deposit, Phase II Deposit and Phase III Deposit, as applicable, shall be returned to Buyer. Buyer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless from any damage or injury to persons or property caused by Buyer or its authorized representatives during their entry and investigation prior to the Closing; provided, however, nothing herein shall obligate Buyer to indemnify Seller for the mere discovery by Buyer of any matters during the course of Buyer's testing of the Property conducted pursuant to this Paragraph 10. If this Agreement is terminated, Buyer shall repair the damage caused by Buyer's entry and investigation. This indemnity shall (A) survive the termination of this Agreement or the Closing, as applicable, provided that Seller must give notice of any claim it may have against Buyer under such indemnity (i) wit...
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