In the state definition

In the state or “in this state” means that a program has a physical presence in New Mexico in the form of a facility and a permanent faculty.

Examples of In the state in a sentence

  • In the state we compete for power; in the mar- ket we compete for wealth.

  • In the state of Washington this has manifest itself in multiple ways - here at UW the School of Oceanography has worked to expand its reach and to train all its students in “big data” and environmental technology such that they are prepared to enter the workforce in a variety of areas (see later discussion), and our neighbors at Western Washington University have established a Marine and Coastal Sciencemajor to complement and augment offerings at UW (many of the Western faculty are UW alumni).

  • In the state other than Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh, Railway freight from Ludhiana to nearest Railhead and Road transportation cost from such railhead to depot will be added in the quoted price to arrive at the sale price.

  • In the state scuola materna, national laws are expected to be implemented by a three-tiered hierarchy of authority and responsibility, beginning with the director of the school or schools (many are responsible for more than one).

  • Board Action: In the state of financial exigency, any budgetary entity may be discontinued by the Board and the College administration.

  • In the state exam, for example, in 2017 three quarters of the Hungary-phonic boys from the Berehove region were found to be insufficient in the Ukrainian test, emphasized Education Minister Lilija Hrynevyč.

  • In the state environment, each one of the 32 federative entities has its respective water laws, with notably equal purposes, notwithstanding the various denominations.

  • In the state of the art, some works propose to set up blockchains at the level of the IoT network as in Hinckeldeyn & Jochen (2018), but the blockchain with its resources needs is not adapted to the IoT network level which is re- source limited.

  • In the state of Michigan multiple fraudulent documents have been created allegedly labeling me with Schizophrenia after forced admissions to the Psychiatry unit by the police officers.

  • In the state of Ohio, where Gravel Chubs and Streamline Chubs are still found together, these species appear to segregate into different habitats.

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