Special district definition

Special district means a unit of local government, authorized by law to perform a single function or a limited number of functions. The term includes but is not limited to conservation districts, water districts, weed management districts, irrigation districts, fire districts, community college districts, hospital districts, sewer districts, and transportation districts. The term also includes any district or other entity formed by interlocal agreement.
Special district means a service district organized under ORS 451.010(1)(h).
Special district means those local government entities created under the authority

Examples of Special district in a sentence

  • Special district boards are not subject to its provisions and may adopt their own rules regarding abstention, subject to s.

  • Special district boards (AGO 74-169) and boards created by interlocal agreement (AGO 84-16) are also included.

  • Special district candidates may qualify by obtaining at least 25 signatures of voters in the geographical area represented by the office sought.

  • The Authority would seem to meet the definition of a special district ("Special district" means any agency of the state for the local performance of governmental or proprietary functions within limited boundaries.”) Westlands is specifically defined by statute as an agency of the state.

  • Special district public measures shall be listed in the same order as special district offices.

More Definitions of Special district

Special district means an agency of the State, formed pursuant to general law or a special act, for the local performance of governmental or proprietary functions with limited geographic boundaries including, but not limited to, school districts and redevelopment agencies.
Special district means any of the following:
Special district means any quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision organized or acting pursuant to the provisions of this article. "Special district" does not include any entity organized or acting pursuant to the provisions of article 8 of title 29, article 20 of title 30, article 25 of title 31, or articles 41 to 50 of title 37, C.R.S.
Special district means], any school district, water district, fire protection district, hospital district, health center, nursing district, or other districts with taxing authority, or other district formed pursuant to the laws of Missouri to provide limited, specific services;
Special district means any unit of local government, other than a city, county,
Special district means a formal and legally recognized sub-entity of a State that is authorized by State law to provide one or a limited number of designated functions, including but not limited to school districts, fire districts, healthcare & hospital districts, and emergency services districts. Special Districts do not include sub-entities of a State that provide general governance for a defined area that would qualify as a Subdivision.
Special district means any public agency, other than a local government as defined in this chapter, formed pursuant to general law or special act for the local performance of governmental or proprietary functions within limited boundaries. "Special district" includes, but is not limited to, a county service area, a maintenance district or area, an improvement district or improvement zone, or any other zone or area, formed for the purpose of designating an area within which a property tax rate will be levied to pay for service or improvement benefiting that area.