THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. FIRST- Quiet Enjoyment. The Landlord covenants that the Tenant, on paying the said rental and performing the covenants and conditions in this Lease contained, shall and may peaceably and quietly have, hold and enjoy the demised premises for the term aforesaid. SECOND- Use. The Tenant covenants and agrees to use the demised premises for the purpose of maintaining and grazing sheep and xxxxxx, and no other purpose without the consent of the Landlord.
THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The premises are an integral part to this agreement and they bind its interpretations and its application. The PhD STUDENT and the EVALUATORS judge as confidential, for the purposes specified in the premises, the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION contained in the PhD THESIS, disclosed to the EVALUATORS for the purposes specified in paragraph e) of the premises. The EVALUATORS will receive, maintain, and hold the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION in strict confidence as specified in paragraph d) of the premises, and they commit not to disclose it to third parties nor to disseminate it in any way. The EVALUATORS commit to use the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION only for the purpose of the review according to art 30 of the University of Padova PhD regulations (“Regolamento dei Corsi di Dottorato di Ricerca ai sensi del DM 45 del 08/02/2013”) as specified in paragraph e) of the premises. All obligations under this Agreement will expire five (5) years after the date of the signature of the present agreement (hereafter referred to as VALIDITY DATE) or until the abovementioned CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION is made public. The CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION shall not include any information which: at the VALIDITY DATE is in the public domain; after VALIDITY DATE becomes part of the public domain, except through breach of this Agreement by EVALUATORS When EVALUATORS can demonstrate by reasonable proof was in its possession prior to the VALIDITY DATE. If any dispute arises between the EVALUATORS, together or individually, and the PhD STUDENT in connection with the interpretation and/or application this Agreement it shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Italy Padova, ___________ PhD STUDENT Dott./Dott.ssa _________________________________
THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 1. All attendees will abide by the No Smoking Bylaw No. 1148, 2019.
THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS a) During the term of this Fuel Supply Agreement (the “Agreement”), the Customer agrees to purchase from Tyee Pacific, and Tyee Pacific agrees to sell, all of the Customer’s present and future requirements of liquefied propane gas (“Propane”) for the Customer’s use at the Customer’s location. The Customer shall not, during the term of this Agreement, buy any Propane from anyone other than Tyee Pacific. If the operations at the Customer’s location are conducted at or move to a new locations, then at such new location the Customer’s requirements will be supplied by delivery of Propane by Tyee Pacific.
THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. (1) That the tenancy of the Agreement shall be for a period of 3 years commencing from ------------------ to ------------------ which can be renewed on mutually agreed terms.
THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 1. The premises are an integral part to this agreement and they bind its interpretations and its application.
THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 1. The MATERIAL covered by this agreement includes all compounds delivered by DIT for testing as which could not be made without the MATERIAL, and any related Know-how which will be transferred to the Recipient with the MATERIAL under this agreement.
THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 1. For the term on this lease (May 15, 2016 to May 15, 2017) Lessee shall pay as rental for the lands hereby leased the sum of $1,000.00 upon the signing of this Agreement.
THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 1. The parties agree that for the above payment the Hirer and all persons authorised by the hirer or acting on behalf of the hirer shall have occupancy and the use of the premises for the period and purpose described above.