Customer Support Sample Clauses

Customer Support. For assistance, questions or other order inquiries, please refer to our online FAQ's available at xxxx://
Customer Support. A. Basic ADSL Internet Access, as applicable, is a single IP Service intended for use by a single computer. DCCV can assist in setting up your LAN for an additional fee.
Customer Support. If Customer is entitled to receive Customer Support as part of a separately purchased Service Plan, Sage warrants that while Customer’s Service Plan is in effect and if it has paid all required Service Plan fees, Sage will use qualified personnel to provide Customer Support in a professional manner consistent with industry standards. Customer’s sole remedy under this section 5.2 is limited to Sage’s re-performance of the Customer Support services giving rise to Customer’s claim.
Customer Support. 5.1. The Supplier undertakes to provide the Customer with customer support. The customer support shall be used for dealing with problems related to Electricity supply, including price charging issues.
Customer Support. Purchaser shall handle and promptly settle any ---------------- User's customer complaints concerning the Products, following the Company's guidance included in the Company's operations guide provided by the Company to Purchaser (the "Operations Guide"), as amended from time to time in the sole discretion of the Company. Purchaser agrees to assist the Company in arranging for any customer warranty service.
Customer Support. 16.1 During the Term the Licensee may contact Nearmap by sending its support queries to Nearmap cannot guarantee that it will be able to resolve any issue raised by the Licensee. Nearmap has no obligation to provide the Licensee with any additional support, but if Nearmap agrees to do so Nearmap may charge the Licensee reasonable additional fees for the additional support provided to the Licensee by Nearmap.