SCOPE AND Sample Clauses

SCOPE AND objectives
SCOPE AND. The Employer, The Salvation Army, recognizes Service Employees International Union Local as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all its employees, employed at The Salvation Army Health Centre in the of the City of Toronto, save and except Registered Nurses, Registered Graduate Nurses, and clerical staff and employees currently represented by a trade union as of September The Employer undertakes that she shall not enter into any other agreement or contract with those employees for whom the Union has bargaining rights either individually or collectively which shall conflict with any of the provisions of this Agreement. It is understood that should the employer be required to hire a person for a definite term or task that shall exceed one month, these positions shall be posted and made available to all employees. (Examples of this may include leave, or any other approved leave of absence, short term illness, long term disability, and Worker's Compensation). If the posted position is offered to an employee who currently is in another position within the bargaining unit, accepting the position shall not result in loss of benefits or seniority. No employee shall be laid off, or suffer a reduction in hours of work or wages as a result of person hired. The Employer shall notify the Union of the of persons hired for a definite term or task, and the nature of, and length of, the term or task. It is mutually agreed that the Union Xxxxxxx or designee shall be given fifteen (15) minutes at the time of orientation to meet with the new employee for the purpose of informing such employee of the existence of the Union. The Employer shall advise the Union monthly as to the names of the persons listed for orientation and the time of and place of the orientation.
SCOPE AND company the union as the sole collective bar- agent for all employees at the Distribution Centre save and except supervisors, office and sales staff. The company further agrees to recognize the union as the sole collectivebargainingagent for all employeesin Metropolitan Toronto, saveand except supervisors,office and sales staff, should the compa- ny desire to re-establish a manufacturing or warehousing operation in the future. Should any of the present warehousing operations be moved to a new location miles of the present location this agreement shall be extended to cover such location and the parties agree to enter into on any matters not covered by this agreement to provide reasonable working conditions, wages and ben- efits for such employees. The company agrees that it will not contract out work which is normally performed by employees in the bargaining unit if the effect of such contracting out would result in a loss of jobs. It is understood that the foregoingdoes not prohibit or restrict the company from pur- chasing goods from outside, or transferring product to or from other plants of the company. All employees shall be required as a condition of employment, to become and remain members of the union and to execute and con- tinue in effect during the term of this agreement the written assign- ment authorizing the deductionof weekly union dues provided for in Article below.
SCOPE AND. The Company recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive representative for the purpose of collective bargaining for the unlicensed personnel on the Company's ships which unlicensed are hereinafter referred to as "employees" which word shall include the singular, as the masculine and feminine. The Union and acknowledges that the of the and its facilities and direction of the forces are fixed in the Employer and without limiting the generality of the foregoing the Union acknowledges that it is the exclusive function of the Employer to:
SCOPE AND the Union the sole and exclusive collective bargaining for all employees of in the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, save and except forepersons, persons above the rank of foreperson, office, clerical and sales staff, security officers, customer service representatives, tour guides and employees in bargaining units for which any trade union held bargaining rights as of the date of application (April This certificate is to be read subject to the terms of the Board’s decision(s) in this matter and, accordingly, the bargaining unit described herein. is to be read subject to qualifications referred to in the said decision(s) of the Board; dated at Toronto on October
SCOPE AND. The Hospital the Union as the sole bargaining agent for of its employees employed by West Park Hospital in Toronto save and except professional medical staff, Registered Nurses, Graduate Nurses, undergraduate Nurses (R.N.), graduate Pharmacists, under graduate Pharmacists, graduate Diet- itians, undergraduate Dietitians, technical personnel, allied health professionals, undergraduate allied professionals, research staff, laboratory staff, radiology staff, paramedical staff (except supervisors, forepersons and persons above the rank of supervisor and foreperson, office and clerical employees, all others covered by existing Collective Agreements and persons regularly employed for not more hours per week. The Union is hereby established as the sole collective bargaining agency for the employees, and the Employer undertakes that it will not enter into any other Agreement or Contract with the employees, either individually or collectively which will conflict with any of the provisions of this Agreement.
SCOPE AND. APPLICABILITY 2.1 The Malus and Clawback Policy applies to current and former executive directors of the Company and current and former Group employees (each an "Employee"). 2.2 The Malus and Clawback Policy applies to any remuneration granted or to be granted to an Employee under the Annual Incentive Plan ("AIP"), the Diageo 2014 Long Term Incentive Plan ("DLTIP"), the Diageo Bonus Share Plan ("DBSP") or any other variable remuneration structures operated by the Company (the "Awards"). 2.3 The Malus and Clawback Policy will apply to all Employees and this will be notified to Employees through any means determined by the RemCo and, where applicable, asking Employees to agree to the terms when accepting an Award or via a clause in their employment contract. 2.4 The Malus and Clawback Policy will continue to apply to an Employee following any termination of his or her employment, provided that he or she has Awards (or portions of Awards) outstanding or until the end of the Clawback Period (defined below). 3.