Project Plan Sample Clauses

Project Plan. Based on the Project Specifications, Omnicare CR has provided a description of services to be performed for Sponsor’s “A multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, parallel-group, vehicle-controlled study to determine the safety of PEP005 0.0025%, 0.01% and 0.05% gel with two treatment schedules, Day 1 and Day 2 or Day 1 and Day 8 applications to nodular basal cell carcinoma”. Protocol #PEP005-002 dated 28 February 2005 Version 2 Amendment #1 dated 9 June 2005 (hereinafter “the Project”) and associated costs. Changes made in the Project scope, at any time during the Project, will result in a corresponding adjustment to the Project costs.
Project Plan. Development of Project Plan Upon the Authorized User’s request, the Contractor must develop a Project Plan. This Project Plan may include implementation personnel, installation timeframes, escalation procedures and an acceptance plan as appropriate for the services requested. Specific requirements of the plan will be defined in the RFQ. In response to the RFQ, the Contractor must agree to furnish all labor and supervision necessary to successfully perform services procured from this Lot. Project Plan Document The Contractor will provide to the Authorized User, a Project Plan that may contain the following items:  Name of the Project Manager, Contact Numbers and E-Mail Address;  Names of the Project Team Members, Contact Numbers and E-Mail Address;  A list of implementation milestones based on the Authorized User’s desired installation date;  A list of responsibilities of the Authorized User during system implementation;  A list of designated Contractor Authorized Personnel;  Escalation procedures including management personnel contact numbers;  Full and complete documentation of all implementation work;  Samples of knowledge transfer documentation; and  When applicable, a list of all materials and supplies required to complete the implementation described in the RFQ. Materials and Supplies Required to Complete Implementation In the event that there are items required to complete an Implementation, the Contractor may request the items be added to its Contract if the items meet the scope of the Contract. Negotiation of Final Project Plan If the Authorized User chooses to require a full Project Plan, the State further reserves the right for Authorized Users to negotiate the final Project Plan with the apparent RFQ awardee. Such negotiation must not substantively change the scope of the RFQ plan, but can alter timeframes or other incidental factors of the final Project Plan. Authorized User will provide the Contractor a minimum five business daysnotice of the final negotiation date. The Authorized User reserves the right to move to the next responsible and responsive bidder if Contractor negotiations are unsuccessful.
Project Plan. Fiserv shall develop a Project Plan for the Professional Services based on the Business Requirements within 15 business days after receipt of the Business Requirements. The Project Plan shall contain a listing of the nature and timing of tasks for the Professional Service project, some of which are to be performed by Fiserv and some by Client. Client and Fiserv shall mutually agree on the Project Plan. Thereafter, Client will be provided a copy of the weekly updates to the Project Plan. Fiserv and Client shall utilize their commercially reasonable efforts to meet the dates set forth in the Project Plan. Modifications, changes, enhancements, upgrades, or additions to the agreed upon work beyond those stated in the Project Plan shall be added only upon mutual written agreement. In the event the parties agree to add any such items, the Project Plan shall automatically be modified to the extent necessary to allow for the inclusion or provision of the items. Any such items may result in a change in the Professional Service Fees (as defined below).
Project Plan. 16.1 In close cooperation with the Purchaser and based on the Preliminary Project Plan included in the Supplier’s bid, the Supplier shall develop a Project Plan encompassing the activities specified in the Contract. The contents of the Project Plan shall be as specified in the SCC and/or Technical Requirements.
Project Plan. Fiserv shall, upon Client’s full cooperation, develop a project plan for Enhancements funded solely by Client and other professional service deliverables based on the Functional Specifications (the “Project Plan”). Each such Project Plan shall contain a listing of the nature and timing of tasks for the project, some of which are to be performed by Fiserv and some by Client. Changes to a Project Plan shall be only by mutual agreement of the parties.
Project Plan. For each proposed Statement of Work, TCS will prepare, for Nielsen review and approval, a schedule (the “Project Plan”) for the completion of each Project to be performed under that Statement of Work. Each Project Plan prepared by TCS shall include (as applicable) Milestones, associated Deliverables and proposed specifications and other standards which must be met before Nielsen will accept the Deliverable (“Acceptance Criteria”), including applicable review periods, for each Deliverable described in the Project Plan;
Project Plan. The Project Plan shall be attached to this ------------ agreement as Exhibit A. The Project Plan shall set forth, at a minimum: a list --------- of the Gainor Components; the development and management responsibilities of each party; the development schedule for the Gainor Components and the projects; the resources to be provided by each party (including personnel, facilities, Technology and capital investment); the specifications for the Gainor Components; and the budget for each of the Gainor Components setting forth projected development costs, capital expenditures, projected sales, manufacturing costs, and normal margins.
Project Plan. Identify the project plan and how it will be managed; or ask Contractor to propose a project plan. Project plan should identify items such as the required contact personnel; the date the project plan must be submitted to the State; project management process; project breakdown identifying sub-projects, tasks, and resources required; expected frequency and mechanisms for updates/progress reviews; process for addressing issues/changes; and individuals responsible for receiving/reacting to the requested information. The Contractor will carry out this project under the direction and control of the Program Manager. Within 30 calendar days of the Effective Date, the Contractor must submit a project plan to the Program Manager for final approval. The plan must include: (a) the Contractor's organizational chart with names and title of personnel assigned to the project, which must align with the staffing stated in accepted proposals; and (b) the project breakdown showing sub-projects, tasks, and resources required.